Starfield Lost And Found Walkthrough

Starfield Lost And Found Walkthrough

The receptionist of the Paradiso Hotel needs you to recover some items in the Lost and Found mission of Starfield.

How to unlock the Lost and Found mission

To initiate the Lost and Found side mission in Starfield, your first step is to head to the Paradiso Hotel and engage in a conversation with its receptionist, Dirk.

The Paradiso Hotel is situated on the planet Porrima II within the Porrima system.

How to complete Lost and Found in Starfield

Following your conversation with Dirk, proceed to interact with the computer located right beside him. Access the Lost and Found file through the computer, which will then update your mission log with a list of four lost items that you’re tasked with locating for Dirk.

  • Key Card
  • Slate
  • Wedding Ring
  • Thermos

The Lost Key Card location

Begin by utilizing the elevator at the Paradiso Hotel to access the premium suites situated on the fifth floor. Upon disembarking from the elevator, meticulously investigate the sitting area to locate a Key Card that has been left on the floor.

The Lost Slate location

Take the elevator again but this to the roo top terrace. Take a right after getting off towards the sitting area. Reach the last couch and you will find the lost Slate on the ground to its left as shown in the image below.

The Lost Wedding Ring

The subsequent item to retrieve within the Lost and Found mission in Starfield is a Wedding Ring. Exit the hotel and head towards the beach area by returning to the lobby via the elevator.

You’ll discover the misplaced Wedding Ring resting on the ground beneath the restaurant adjacent to the shoreline, as indicated in the provided image.

The Lost Thermos

Your last item is the Lost Thermos which can be found by running past the resort as you make your way back from the beach toward the landing pad. The thermos will be placed beside some rocks and shroud.

Return to Dirk

After successfully recovering all of the lost items, return to Dirk stationed at the Paradiso Hotel’s reception area to conclude the Lost and Found side quest in Starfield.

Starfield- Lost and Found mission rewards

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