Starfield Managing Assets Walkthrough

Starfield Managing Assets Walkthrough

It turns out that sparing Tomo was more than just a correct moral choice.

How to complete Managing Assets in Starfield

Masako will reveal that they have been having some trouble with a rival operative. She wants you to take care of the operative at the behest of Benjamin Bayu.

Confront the rival operative

The adversary in the “Managing Assets” mission is none other than Tomo Higashi, whom you’ve encountered in a couple of prior faction missions for Ryujin Industries.

It’s important to note that if you opted to eliminate Tomo during the “Back to the Grind” mission, a different individual will fill the role of the rival operative. However, if you chose to spare Tomo in that previous encounter, you will now have another opportunity to decide whether to spare him again or take a different course of action in order to complete the “Managing Assets” mission in Starfield.

The location of Tomo (or the designated target) varies randomly for each playthrough and player. In our case, it happened to be at Gagarin Landing.

Proceed to the location indicated by Masako and follow your mission marker to confront the rival operative.

Should you kill or spare Tomo in Starfield?

There are a couple of approaches to resolve the “Managing Assets” mission in Starfield when dealing with Tomo.

Firstly, you can opt for a direct confrontation and eliminate him. While Tomo isn’t a particularly formidable adversary, we don’t recommend this course of action. If you previously chose to spare Tomo during the “Back to the Grind” mission, it may seem incongruous to take his life now.

Instead, the more prudent choice here is to spare Tomo. By doing so, he will provide a substantial sum of credits as an assurance that he won’t return to these settlements.

These choices remain consistent even if the rival operative is someone other than Tomo. However, as explained in the following section, the decision to kill or spare will ultimately hinge on a moral choice when dealing with a random rival operative.

Force Tomo to pay extra credits (optional)

While this choice may not present itself as an optional objective, you can select the appropriate dialogues to compel Tomo to offer additional credits.

Upon initially requesting credits in exchange for sparing his life, Tomo will provide you with 1,000 credits. However, you can continue to negotiate for more credits before the conversation concludes, ultimately compelling Tomo to part with an additional 3,000 credits.

The end result remains consistent in both scenarios, reinforcing why sparing Tomo is the most advantageous decision in “Managing Assets.” If you choose to eliminate him, you forfeit the opportunity to obtain a total of 4,000 credits.

It’s worth noting that if your rival operative is someone other than Tomo, you won’t have the ability to extort credits from them. In this situation, the roles are essentially reversed, and you will find yourself negotiating to pay them in exchange for their departure.

Initially, they may request a substantial sum, but by reminding them that you are sparing their life, you can persuade them to accept 2,500 credits as an incentive to leave and ensure both your well-being.

Return to Dalton in Ryujin Tower

Once you have dealt with the rival operative, your mission marker will ask you to head back to Dalton to give him an update. He can be found in the Ryujin Tower.

Starfield – Managing Assets mission rewards

Upon effectively resolving the matter with the rival operative, Dalton will express his appreciation by bestowing upon you Digipicks, experience points (XP), and a credit reward, effectively concluding this side mission within Starfield.

The precise amount of credits you receive will be contingent upon your character’s level, and this sum will be in addition to the credits you obtained through the process of extorting Tomo.

Furthermore, the successful completion of “Managing Assets” in Starfield will unlock the “Sabotage” faction mission for Ryujin Industries.


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