Starfield Mouse and Keyboard Settings: Best Settings for PC

Starfield Mouse and Keyboard Settings: Best Settings for PC

Starfield has a ton of customizable controls, so you might be wondering what the best mouse and keyboard settings to use are. This guide explains which control settings you should change on your PC and which controls are best to use.


You can also play the game using a controller on PC, but those who like to use a mouse and keyboard will need to make sure the best settings are selected. Keep reading for a full breakdown of the ideal keyboard shortcuts, as well as the best mouse and keyboard settings you can change in-game.

The Best Starfield Mouse and Keyboard Settings You Can Change

Interestingly,  most of the default controls in Starfield are good options  for mouse and keyboard settings. The game is designed to be easy to pick up and play, especially if you’ve played previous Bethesda games like Elder Scrolls or Fallout.

However, you may want to consider changing your aim sensitivity and gaze sensitivity. If you set Aim Sensitivity V and Aim Sensitivity H to  100%  , aim and gaze sensitivity should match, which will likely be smoother.

Also, if you use WASD to move your character, you might find it easier to change  the menu button  to Q. You’ll be using the menu a lot in Starfield, so it’ll be easier to find the key for your inventory. , fast travel and much more will be very useful for many players. Many of Starfield’s quests require you to constantly use the map to travel, so having quick access is a pretty neat change.


You can also change  the flashlight/scanner key  to something else if you don’t use the flashlight or scanner often. These controls are usually found on the F key, which you can remap to something you use more often if you want.

Best Keyboard Shortcuts for Starfield Mouse and Keyboard

Here’s  a complete list of the ideal mouse and keyboard controls  for core Starfield gameplay. Most of these are still the default settings since the game was designed with these controls in mind, but you can customize them if you prefer different settings!

Action Controls
Movement WASD
Basic attack Mouse 1
Secondary attack Mouse 2
close combat IN
Grenade G
Handheld scanner/flashlight F or tab
Activate E
Jump Space
Reload/sheathe weapon R


Action Controls
Power Z
Sprint Left shift
Steal Left Ctrl
Shortcuts Question or F
Data menu Tab or Q
Flight modes Space
Switching point of view Mouse 3
Ship action R
Select a target E

With these controls, you can enjoy Starfield without worrying about incorrect settings. If you do manage to change something, be sure to replace the action that was used by this key before, otherwise you may have problems.


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