Starfield player builds a ship entirely out of ladders

Starfield player builds a ship entirely out of ladders

Starfield players have been testing out the game’s ship building capabilities since launch, creating all sorts of weird and wonderful ships that vary widely in how suitable they actually are for going into space. You can create something cool, like a replica of the Normandy from Mass Effect, or terrorize populated systems with a large cube or a ship the size of a bathtub.

Today’s story is an example of the latter: after seeing someone create a ship that had no stairs at all, one player somehow turned the ship into a veritable eyesore made entirely of stairs. The creator of this monster is u/Spareparts2104, who shared his creation on the Starfield subreddit earlier this week.

As you can see from the Reddit post below, this ship consists almost entirely of staircase blocks, as those who want to visit the cockpit must climb up and down its labyrinthine corridors to reach the controls. In fact, to get from the ship’s loading bay to the cockpit, you’ll have to climb up and down 30 flights of stairs and repeat the process to leave. u/Spareparts2104’s team doesn’t have a single missed day.

What makes this thing even worse is that it acts solely as a torture device for any astronaut unfortunate enough to come into contact with it. It has absolutely no storage space, it probably handles like a garbage truck, and it has almost no power, which means it’s also incredibly slow. It’s a complete abomination that serves absolutely no purpose other than a flying cardio workout.

<page>If you’re wondering how long it actually takes to get from the loading dock to the cabin, u/Spareparts2104 can help you with that too. According to them, it takes a full 2 ​​minutes and 30 seconds to get to the ship’s controls, which is longer than the iconic staircase climb scene from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Something tells me Naked Snake won’t find this climb particularly interesting.


In other Starfield news, the game recently became Bethesda’s lowest-rated game on Steam, falling lower than Fallout 76. Much of this will likely have to do with external controversy and its Xbox exclusivity, but it’s not exactly the best looking new IP .

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