Starfield player builds an impressive pirate ship in the game

Starfield player builds an impressive pirate ship in the game

While the shipbuilder can be used to create all sorts of creative sci-fi projects, one Starfield player opted for a more old-fashioned look.

Basic moments

Starfield players can unleash their inner pirate by joining the Crimson Fleet or creating their own pirate ship to engage in high-stakes space battles and plunder resources.

  • Starfield’s shipbuilding feature allows players to show off their creativity by creating spaceship designs, with one player’s pirate-themed ship receiving high praise from the community. .
  • Upcoming Starfield modding tools could further expand the scope of ship design, allowing players to build even more ambitious and specialized ships, improving the gamesandbox experience.

    While Starfield allows characters to become space pirates (complete with a special faction storyline), the player decided to take things a step further by creating a more old-fashioned pirate ship. Of all the factions in Starfield , fans praise the Crimson Fleet the most. As with any Bethesda game, the side quests are often more exciting than the main story, and the Crimson Fleet pirate faction seems to stand head and shoulders above the rest.

    However, players don’t have to join the Crimson Fleet to live the life of a pirate. With a well-equipped ship, they can open fire on any ship sailing through the Inhabited Systems, often receiving high Starfield rewards for doing so. They can capture these ships and either sell them or add them to their growing fleet, plundering any resources or items found in the ship’s inventory. The burglary and pickpocketing of The Elder Scrolls games has taken a more ambitious turn in Starfield , but there’s one feature that’s really captured the heart of the community.

Starfield ‘s shipbuilding allowed players to express their creativity, and that’s definitely the case with Knaivey, who managed to build a spaceship reminiscent of the pirate ships of old. Instead of sails, the Picanha platform features raised white engines, and angled turrets make this design fully capable of participating in even the toughest space skirmishes Starfield can throw at it. Although Starfield players have already created designs for sailing ships, knaivey’#39;s build is one of the best so far.

With the release of official Starfield modding tools in early 2024, the game could further expand its growing scope of ship designers. . From custom, more specialized parts to fewer cutting restrictions, the community could see even more ambitious projects emerge in the coming months. While some mods have already loosened the restrictions of Starfield ‘s shipbuilder, allowing players to recreate larger ships such as the Star Wars Star Destroyer, it’s likely that this is just the tip of the iceberg of what the community will be able to do in a year.

Despite being Bethesda’s lowest-rated game on Steam, Starfield continues to be popular with players across all platforms who look beyond the game’s shortcomings to the unique sandbox experience it provides Jumping from world to world, exploring populated systems, is extremely exciting gameplay – and for some players, being able to do it on a good old-fashioned sailing ship only adds to the experience.


Starfield is available on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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