Starfield Ship Shield Generators Ranked

Starfield Ship Shield Generators Ranked

Shield generators can be a life saver in space combat in Starfield as they can protect you from enemy fire. Some are better than others and it’s important to know which is which.

Best Ship Shield Generators in Starfield  

During your galactic explorations in Starfield, the ongoing enhancement of your spacecraft’s offensive and defensive capabilities becomes a necessity. To bolster your defenses, shield generators emerge as your primary safeguard, serving as the initial barrier against potential threats in the vast expanse of space.

1. Marduk 1010-A Shield Generator 

The Marduk 1010-A Shield generator stands as the pinnacle choice across all platforms. This formidable shield generator boasts an impressive overall health rating of approximately 405 and a remarkable 10% shield regeneration rate, allowing it to rejuvenate your shield in a mere 10 seconds. Moreover, its power consumption is a modest 4 units.

Although these statistics may initially appear perplexing, this shield generator excels in striking a perfect balance. It earns the title of the game’s ultimate all-rounder, the master of versatility and adaptability.

2. Tower N400 Shield Generator 

The Tower N400 shield generator has one of Starfield’s most balanced maximum health and shield regeneration rates. This has 545 health and 7% regen rates. Furthermore, this has a power consumption rate of around 5. It provides better protection but has greater power usage.

3. 11T Defender Shield Generator  

The 11T Defender Shield Generator presents an impressive package with a robust health pool of 505 and a respectable shield regeneration rate of approximately 7%. It operates efficiently with a power consumption of 5 units, ensuring that it can confidently withstand enemy assaults without compromising on health or regeneration capabilities.

4. 101D Guardian Shield Generator 

The 101D Guardian Shield Generator reigns supreme in the realm of Starfield’s shield generators, boasting the highest health capacity of a whopping 680 points. However, there’s a trade-off to consider. This colossal shield generator comes with one of the game’s most sluggish shield regeneration rates at just 5%. Additionally, it demands a power consumption of 6 units.

This shield excels when employed in an all-out, aggressive combat approach, where swift elimination of adversaries becomes paramount. To make the most of it, you’ll need to dispatch your enemies with haste, relying on firepower to compensate for its slower regeneration rate.

5. Warden SG-100 Shield Generator 

For those navigating the mid-game challenges, the Warden SG-100 Shield Generator emerges as the optimal choice. It offers a harmonious blend of attributes, significantly enhancing your defensive capabilities. What’s more, its scalability with your progression is a noteworthy feature. The Warden SG-100 boasts an impressive maximum shield health of 525 and maintains a commendable regeneration rate of 7%. Its power consumption remains at a reasonable 5 units, making it a versatile and reliable choice as you advance in the game.

6. Deflector SG-30 Shield Generator 

The Deflector SG-30 Shield Generator provides a maximum shield health of 440 and boasts an impressive regeneration rate of approximately 10%. It operates efficiently with a power consumption of about 5 units. While it may have a slightly lower total health capacity, it compensates for this with its rapid shield regeneration rate, making it an excellent choice for quick recovery during battles.

7. Deflector SG-20 Shield Generator  

The Defector SG-20 Shield generator offers a maximum of 375 Shield Health and a regeneration rate of around 10% in Starfield. It has a decent power consumption rate at 4 and a rapid shield regeneration rate. Both of these cover up its lack of maximum shield health. 

8. Bastille S81 Shield Generator 

The Bastille S81 Shield generator Offers a maximum of 390 shield health and a regeneration rate of around 10%. The power it consumes is around 4. It has a good power consumption rate, shield regeneration rate, and decent shield health. 

9. Deflector SG-10 Shield Generator 

The Deflector Offers you a maximum of 340 Shield Health and a regeneration rate of around 10%. The power it consumes is around 3. It is a handy Shield generator in the early-game stages of Starfield. 

10. 20S Protector Shield 

The 20S Protector Shield Offers you a maximum of 355 Shield Health and a regeneration rate of around 10%. The power it consumes is around 4. It is better than most and is helpful around the late-early game to the middle game of Starfield.


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