Starfield Supra Et Ultra Walkthrough

Starfield Supra Et Ultra Walkthrough

“Supra Et Ultra” marks the inaugural faction mission undertaken by the UC Vanguard within the Starfield universe. This phrase, which translates to “above and beyond,” serves as the UC Vanguard’s motto and is a principle you’ll adopt upon becoming a member of the faction.

These faction quests complement Starfield’s overarching campaign without directly tying into the main storyline. Instead, they offer a deeper dive into the characters you encounter during your campaign and grant you rewards in the form of Credits and Gear upon successful completion of the faction mission.

How to unlock the Supra Et Ultra mission

In order to access Supra Et Ultra, you must first become a member of the UC Vanguard in New Atlantis. To initiate this process, complete your initial story mission.

Navigate to New Atlantis and locate the prominent MAST building, which stands out as the tallest structure following your arrival. Once you’ve arrived at the MAST building, step inside and engage in a conversation with Commander John Taula. He will extend an invitation to enlist you into the UC Vanguard.

How to complete Supra Et Ultra in Starfield

Make sure that you do not have any bounty on your head before speaking with Commander Taula. If you do, remove the bounty and then return to accept his offer to join the UC Vanguard.

Once accepted, Commander Taula will point you towards the elevator that leads down to the orientation hall where you will need to sign some documents that read the terms and agreements of the UC Vanguard.

After you’ve successfully registered, proceed to the hall adjacent to the orientation area. This hall is adorned with scriptures, statues, and historical narratives illustrating the Earth’s demise and the UC Vanguard’s role in establishing harmony between the UC and Freestar colonies during the Colony Wars.

If you have no interest in engaging with the history lessons, simply sprint through the hall until you reach an examination room, where you will undertake the test required for UC Vanguard membership.

Take the UC pilot exam

Enter the room and speak with the examination coordinator who’ll instruct you about taking down at least three tiers of enemy ships while piloting the ship simulator.

You can even go ahead by taking down six tiers of enemy spaceships. Note that each tier increases the enemy ship stats and also increases your mission-end rewards. Furthermore, you also get to decrease your citizenship time from 10 to 3 years with each tier.

Return to Commander Taula

As you’re done giving your exam head back to the main desk where Commander Taula will be present. Speak with Taula and he’ll brief you on your results and the perks of becoming a UC member. He will also ask you to become a provisional member effective immediately.

Once you’ve accepted his offer, follow Commander Taula outside, where he will welcome you to the faction, and ask you to take up an oath.

Taking the oath marks an end to the Supra Et Ultra faction mission and starts your first mission as a UC Vanguard member known as Grunt Work.

Starfield – Supra Et Ultra mission rewards

  • New Atlantis Citizenship
  • Completing 3 tiers – 7000 Credits
  • Completing 4 tiers – 8500 Credits
  • Completing 6 tiers – 20,000 Credits


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