Starfield Suspicious Activities Walkthrough

Starfield Suspicious Activities Walkthrough

Help out Theresa Mason protect her shop from a heist by finding and dealing with the robbers in Starfield’s Suspicious Activities.

“Suspicious Activities” is a brief side mission in Starfield, with the potential to be completed in a matter of minutes. The mission centers on a shop owner named Theresa Mason, who has noticed the presence of a group of dubious individuals loitering around her shop.

At her request, you delve deeper into the situation, only to discover that these individuals pose a more significant threat than initially anticipated, necessitating immediate action on your part.

With the fate of both Theresa and The Well establishment resting in your hands, you’ll need to make decisions that not only align with Theresa’s interests but also your own. Let’s explore the weight of your choices in Starfield.

How to unlock the Suspicious Activities mission

To initiate the Suspicious Activities side mission, you must first progress through the Primary Sources questline in Starfield and then extend your assistance to Theresa Mason.

While conversing with her during the mission, Theresa mentions encountering a group of questionable individuals near her shop in response to your inquiry about her business.

Once you’ve offered your assistance, the Suspicious Activities mission will be automatically added to your Mission HUD for tracking.

How to complete Suspicious Activities in Starfield

To successfully complete the Suspicious Activities mission in Starfield, follow these steps:

Begin by traveling to New Atlantis on Jemison in the Alpha Centauri Star System. Take the NAT to the Spaceport.

Once at the Spaceport, make your way to the right side of the View Port area. Ascend via the elevator to reach The Well, then head right after descending the stairs. You’ll arrive at Kay’s House.

Within Kay’s House, engage in a conversation with Theresa Mason. Offer your assistance in investigating the suspicious customers she mentioned to initiate the mission.

Theresa informs you that she spotted the group near the UC Surplus, prompting the need for your inquiry into their intentions.

Although you have the option to propose taking the matter to security, she prefers not to accuse anyone without concrete evidence, leading to the same outcome regardless of your chosen dialogue.

 Additionally, take note that Theresa operates as a medical supply vendor, so consider stocking up on health items if needed before embarking on your investigation.

Find the suspicious customers near UC Surplus

Proceed to the left from the shop, just prior to reaching the stairs. There, you’ll encounter Isaac Strum and Louis King engaged in a conversation that raises suspicion.

Listen in on their dialogue, and it becomes apparent that they are hatching a plan to execute a heist at Kay’s place. They are concerned that Theresa might have already become aware of their intentions.

Capitalizing on the absence of robust security measures on the premises, they aim to swiftly execute their scheme and make their escape before any apprehension can occur.

Go back to Theresa and inform her that her suspicions were right about the duo’s plan to rob the UC Surplus soon.

You can either report the robbery to Officer Endler from UC Security or talk to the robbers yourself and deal with the matter yourself.


Both choices will have no effect on the outcome of the mission but they can impact the rewards you receive at the end.

Should you kill, report, or talk to robbers?

In Starfield, you have the option to engage in conversation with the robbers, report their activities, or resort to lethal force. We recommend either reporting their actions or accepting hush money during your conversation with them, as these choices do not impact your rewards negatively.

If your primary goal is to accumulate Credits, opting for peaceful negotiations represents the most favorable outcome in the Suspicious Activities quest.

We strongly discourage killing the robbers because not only does it diminish your final rewards, but it also holds no bearing on future quests. Given the lack of benefits associated with this course of action, it’s advisable to select one of the alternative available options.

Option 1: Report the robbery to Officer Endler

With Theresa’s authorization, you can now proceed to report the planned robbery to Officer Endler during the Suspicious Activities mission in Starfield.

Exit Kay’s House, heading towards the area opposite to where you encountered the criminal duo, just before the stairs. On your right, you’ll come across the door to the UC Security Office, where Officer Karson Endler can be found inside.

Inform Officer Endler about the planned robbery and make sure to mention that Theresa referred you. He holds Theresa in high regard, and upon hearing her name, he swiftly takes up the case. He even goes a step further, expressing his intention to personally investigate the matter.

Option 2: Talk to the robbers

For those who prefer not to involve security, there is an alternative approach to handling the Suspicious Activities mission in Starfield. You can inform Theresa that you intend to personally handle the thieves.

Return to the criminals and engage them in conversation to convey your intent to notify security if they persist with their scheme. In response, they may attempt to bribe you in exchange for your silence, and the choice you make will impact the quest’s rewards.

If you opt to accept their offer, Isaac and Louis will provide you with 2,000 Credits as hush money and abandon their criminal plans.

However, if you decline the deal, you’ll be forced to engage in a confrontation and eliminate the two robbers, resulting in diminished rewards for the mission.

Report back to Theresa

Regardless of the approach you adopted in dealing with the dubious customers during the Suspicious Activities mission, you are required to inform Theresa of your decision in Starfield.

If you choose to report the issue to Officer Endler, Theresa will express satisfaction with the increased security presence and commend you, subsequently rewarding your efforts.

If you allowed the robbers to survive, Theresa will acknowledge that while it wasn’t her preferred outcome, she appreciates your commitment to maintaining peace and will express her gratitude, offering the associated rewards.

However, if you opted to eliminate the thieves, Theresa will react with disappointment and displeasure regarding your methods, ultimately resulting in diminished rewards at the mission’s conclusion.

Suspicious Activities – mission bugs and fixes

Players have encountered a known bug during the Suspicious Activities side mission, where the robbers, Louis and Isaac, fail to initiate the conversation necessary for eavesdropping. This issue can impede your progress in completing the mission.

Regrettably, the root cause of this bug remains unidentified, and a definitive solution is yet to be determined. However, there is a workaround to advance in the mission. It involves manually searching for and editing quest IDs in Starfield, enabling you to skip to the subsequent stage of the quest.

Starfield – Suspicious Activities mission rewards

The side mission’s rewards will depend on the route you took while dealing with the robbers.

For letting the robber live in the Suspicious Activities side mission, you will be rewarded 3800 Credits along with 50 XP in Starfield.

If you took the hush money, that totals up to 5800 Credits for a mission that took only a few minutes.

If you killed the robbers, you will receive the 50XP but your cash reward drops down to only 1200 Credits.

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