Starfield United Colonies Native Trait, How It Works, Is It Worth It?

Starfield United Colonies Native Trait, How It Works, Is It Worth It?

In the vast cosmos of Starfield, the Spaced trait represents a character’s adaptation to the emptiness of space. This trait indicates that your body has adapted to the conditions of space, offering both advantages and disadvantages depending on your environment.

Explaining the Aboriginal Feature of the United Colonies

  1. Special Dialogue Options: Being a native of the United Colonies opens up exclusive dialogue options, especially when interacting within UC systems and planets. These options can make it easier to pass a speech test, allowing for smoother communication.
  2. Enhanced Mission Rewards: Completing missions for the United Colonies faction can earn better rewards thanks to your dedication. and understanding the needs and goals of the faction.
  3. Increased Rewards for Crimes: While the benefits of being a native of the United Colonies are obvious, there is a catch. Other factions view you with suspicion, resulting in significantly increased rewards for crimes when you cross paths with them.
  4. Faction Allegiance: The Natives of the United Colonies trait defines your character’s personality. faction, meaning you can’t combine it with any other faction affiliation trait due to conflicting loyalties.

How to get the United Colonies native trait

  1. Character Creation: At the start of Starfield, players can select the native United Colonies trait as one of their initial three traits. .
  2. Console Commands: Those who like to customize their gameplay can use dedicated console commands. To add the United Colonies Native feature, use the command player.addperk 00227FD4. If you want to remove this trait, enter the command: player.removeperk 00227FD4.

You may also contact Administrator Rooks at the Colonial Health and Human Resources Administration located in the New Atlantis MAST area. Enter the dialogue related to the “Natives of the United Colonies” trait and when prompted, select the option to remove the trait.

Is The United Colonies Native Feature Worth It?

The United Colonies Native trait offers a combination of benefits and challenges. Exclusive dialogue options and enhanced mission rewards can be invaluable, especially if you’re closely aligned with the United Colonies faction. However, increasing rewards for other factions’ crimes may pose a potential threat. Players should weigh the benefits of closer ties to the United Colonies versus the risk of exacerbating tensions with other factions to determine whether the Natives of the United Colonies trait suits their playstyle and goals.

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