Starfield: Where To Find Paradiso

Starfield: Where To Find Paradiso

The Paradise in Starfield is a beautiful resort to enjoy and a place where you can perform some important tasks.

First Contact Quest

This planet not only provides recreational opportunities but also weaves an engaging narrative into the mix. Once you set foot on Porrima II, you can initiate the “First Contact” mission.

On this planet, you’ll encounter individuals in dire straits, desperate to escape their predicament. You’ll need to play the intermediary role, bridging the gap between these distressed individuals and a formidable CEO. Alternatively, you can opt for an alternative questline by assisting Kumar Sharma.

Lost and Found Quest

Here’s another quest you’ll come across within Paradiso in Starfield: “Lost and Found.” In this quest, you have the opportunity to play the role of a benevolent soul who assists in locating lost items scattered throughout the resort and reuniting them with their rightful owners. To commence this quest, simply engage in a conversation with the receptionist at the resort, and the quest will be initiated.


For those seeking to purchase ship components, Paradiso boasts a ship vendor site within the Starfield universe, ready for your visit.

Furthermore, Paradiso offers a plethora of other vendor locations that you can explore and peruse. Whether you’re in need of firearms or ship parts, you’ll discover vendors catering to a wide array of needs on this tropical paradise.

Kick back and rRelax

Beyond the hustle and bustle of fulfilling tasks and accomplishing objectives, you can fully indulge in the numerous amenities available at this Starfield resort. Here, you’ll discover hotels where you can reserve a comfortable room for your stay.

Moreover, there are diverse restaurants serving an array of culinary delights, satisfying a spectrum of tastes. Additionally, you can unwind at rooftop bars that offer breathtaking views of the resort, providing the much-needed mental respite you’ve been yearning for.

No matter your choice of activity on Paradiso, there’s an abundance of options to keep you occupied for quite some time. And if you ever tire of Paradiso, you have the option to explore the other five planets in the Porrima system.

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