Starfield Wolf System Guide – Lair and All Planets

Starfield Wolf System Guide - Lair and All Planets

Starfield  has 120 star systems and many interesting places to explore. One such system is the Wolf system, which is a giant red sun orbited by two planets, one of which has a single moon. The system is located in the territory of the United Colonies faction and includes a station called “The Lair”, which is controlled by the UC. This guide details everything the Wolf System has to offer in  the Starfield  , as well as where to find the Lair and why you need it.

Where is the Wolf system in  the Starfield?

The Wolf system is actually one of the easiest systems to locate in  the Starfield  . The Wolf System is a lowly Level 5 system located east of the Sun and northeast of Alpha Centauri. As you can see in the screenshot above, it is very easy to reach and does not require much fuel. There are essentially no restrictions on visiting the Wolf System. If you have a ship, you can go there. In fact, in the Wolf system there is no ship blockade that would scan your cargo. This is one of the reasons why the system is so important.

Where is the Lair in  Starfield  ? What is its purpose?

The closest of the two planets orbiting the Wolf system star is Cthonia. The planet itself is a barren rock with no water, no flora or fauna. However, in Cthonia’s orbit you will find a station called the Lair. Even though the Lair is located in United Colonies space, it does not have any kind of blockade system to scan your cargo before docking with the station.


Therefore, players who want to unload contraband cargo without having to worry about having a suitable cargo container to store such contraband will certainly want to visit the Lair. You can visit the station quickly and easily without the risk of being searched, confiscated or even arrested.

As soon as you dock at The Den station, you’ll immediately want to turn left into the next area. Here you will find a bar as well as a Trade Authority vendor. Here you can sell all your contraband without fear of inspection.

Overall, this makes The Den a better place to unload contraband. There is no threat of your contraband being discovered. Plus, it’s located in close proximity to other systems you frequent throughout  Starfield  , making it the perfect system! Hopefully this Starfield Wolf system guide has illustrated the importance of finding the system and, more importantly, the Lair.

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