Starfield XP Farming And Leveling Tips

Starfield XP Farming And Leveling Tips

Advancing through the skill tree demands a substantial XP investment in Starfield. To accumulate the necessary XP and progress, you must engage in various activities. Yet, achieving this naturally can be time-consuming, necessitating the need to expedite the process by mastering effective Starfield XP farming techniques.

Fastest ways to Level up in Starfield

In Starfield, you can use the methods to level up quickly and earn maximum XP. These will include visiting planets, sleeping, marrying companions, etc.

By visiting New Planets

Within Starfield, the most efficient and straightforward method of amassing XP involves embarking on journeys to various planets within the United Colonies. This approach grants you access to substantial XP reserves, as each planet boasts distinct locations, Points of Exploration (POE), and Fauna that you can gather.

As you traverse these planets, you’ll accrue XP while undertaking missions and exploratory endeavors. As your planet-specific XP accumulates over time, your ability to inflict greater damage upon adversaries will significantly enhance.

Doing Mission

Upon your arrival on any Starfield planet, the cornerstone of accumulating XP lies in the completion of missions. Within Starfield, you have the flexibility to opt for a diverse array of tasks, encompassing options like companion quests, side quests, and faction quests.

By Sleeping

You might think that Sleeping only helps with healing, but it can be used to gain XP and level up in Starfield. Once your companion sleeps a whole night, it will gain a status called “Well Rested.” With the help of this status, you will increase your chances of earning XP for the next day by 10%.

Marrying a Companion

Starfield allows players to marry any of the companions that they like in the game. If you successfully marry a companion in Starfield, you will get a status called “Emotional Security.” Using this status will increase your chances of earning XP for the next day by 15%.

Eat Certain Food Items

Certain foods in Starfield will give you a temporary boost in XP. You can use these Food items before doing XP-gaining activities such as a mission. Doing so will help you earn more XP from the same activity.

  • Shepherd’s Pie: “Give you a +2% XP boost for 60 minutes.”
  • Alien Tea: “Gives you a +2% XP boost for 15 minutes.”
  • Grandma’s Meatloaf: “Gives you a +2% XP boost for 120 minutes.”

To get these foods in Starfield, combine all ingredients inside the “Cooking Station.”

Best early game XP Farming Method

To farm the maximum number of XP in Starfield, you can utilize the tips which are mentioned below:

  • Killing enemies will give you a set amount of XP. If you set your game difficulty to “Very Easy,” you can kill more enemies simultaneously, ultimately giving you more XP.
  • As mentioned above, once you sleep, you can get an XP bonus on top of your normal earnings.
  • Similarly, eating certain foods will also give you an XP bonus on top of your normal earnings.
  • Farming Fauna is another way you can get XP quickly. You first need to find a planet with High Fauna stats, such as “Serpentis IV.” Afterward, you can head inside the forest to farm as much Fauna as you wish.
  • You can use the Rock Cutter to farm the maximum amount of Fauna using limited resources. Doing so will also save you a lot of time.

Console command to farm Infinite XP in Starfield

Another way that you can utilize to get Infinite XP in Starfield is by using the PC Console Commands. These commands are also known as Cheats in simple words. To do so, you first need to bring up the console on the Starfield. You need to press the “~” key on your keyboard.

By following these steps, you’ll locate yourself within the Command Console. Within this interface, input the cheat code “player.setlevel 100” to swiftly attain a player level of 100 in Starfield within mere seconds. If you aspire to attain an even higher level, simply append your desired level to the end of the command, and it will be executed accordingly.

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