Steam Puzzle Festival has begun! Up to 90% Discounts Available

Steam Puzzle Festival has begun! Up to 90% Discounts Available

Steam Puzzle Festival has begun! Up to 90% Discounts Available

Steam, whose discounts we are getting used to, has now announced that it has started a discount campaign under the name of “Puzzle Festival” after Xbox game discounts. The new discount campaign covers mostly puzzle and platform games.

Let’s make game suggestions for discounts of up to 90% and go into details such as how long the discount will last.

Games Available in Steam Puzzle Festival Sale

We need to start by saying that discounts do not have a very long period of time. When we look at it, we see that the discounts will continue until May 1. Afterwards, the games will continue to be offered for sale at their old prices. Let’s add a list below for discounted games that can be purchased within the scope of the festival.

  • We Were Here Forever – 131 TL with 25% discount
  • Portal 2 – 10.50 TL with 90% discount
  • The House of Da Vinci 3 – 159.20 TL with a 20% discount
  • Escape Simulator – 111 TL with 25% discount
  • The Past Within – 32 TL with 50% discount
  • The Talos Principle – 42 TL with 85% discount
  • Syberia The World Before – 123 TL with 70% discount
  • The House of Da Vinci – 79 TL with a 60% discount
  • Lost in Play – 101 TL with a 40% discount
  • The Room – 2 TL with 80% discount
  • Lego Builders Journey – 64 TL with 66% discount
  • Myst – 32 TL with 35% discount
  • The Witness – 12 TL with 50% discount
  • Pikuniku – 32 TL with 75% discount

These are the notable discounts within the scope of Steam Puzzle Festival discounts . If you want to access the entire discount page, I’m adding a link right here .

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