Surprise Update Released for PlayStation 3

Surprise Update Released for PlayStation 3

Surprise Update Released for PlayStation 3

PlayStation 3 , which was shown as the console version that ended an era and started another for PlayStation game consoles, was retired a long time ago. With the PS4, interest started to shift a little more towards the new generation. After a while, we saw that update support for the veteran game console ended.

Just when we thought the veteran had been put on dusty shelves, after a long time, Sony surprisingly announced a new update. Let’s see why the update came to the console whose update support has ended, and most importantly, what the update changed.

What Changed with the PlayStation 3 Update?

After the new update, the version of the console changed to 4.90 . If we look at the statement made by Sony, this version is a security patch version. We see in the update release notes that it is noted as an update that only improves system performance.

If we look at the statements of users who experienced the new version update, the situation is a little different. If we look at the posts made by users in foreign forums, after the new version, system startup speeds have increased and some incompatible Blu-Ray movies have been enabled to run.

Of course, these are shares made based on user experiences. If we go back to the official version and look only at the information provided by Sony, the new version only brings security-oriented updates.

We will see over time whether Sony will continue to provide update support for the console series in question. Maybe it can make new surprises.

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