The best boots in the MW3 beta

The best boots in the MW3 beta

MW3 sees the end of the traditional perk system we all know and love and instead puts these powerful abilities into gear. Boots in particular give players powerful bonuses. These abilities range from niche perks to absolute game-changers. In the shoe department, you have several options to choose from, so let me show you the best boots in the MW3 beta, ranked.


Best perks for boots in MW3

I didn’t exaggerate the power of boots in MW3. Some of the benefits they provide are incredibly powerful. Before I show the ranking list, here are all the boot sets and their purpose:

  • Light boots  – increase movement and swimming speed. Reduces noise while swimming.
  • Climbing boots  – increase the speed of climbing and ascent. Reduces fall damage
  • Stalker Boots  – strafe and advertising speed has been increased.
  • Tactical pads  – increase sliding distance and allow advertising while sliding. Increases stance transition speed and squat movement speed.
  • Secret sneakers  – eliminate the sounds of footsteps.


The best boots in the MW3 beta, ranking

Now you know what the boots do, let’s see how they fit together. I’m an aggressive player, so don’t worry if my favorites are different from yours.


#5 Climbing boots

Climbing boots are the least effective item on this list. Building quickly   is   good, but it’s a niche situation that you won’t find yourself in very often. Fall damage reduction also doesn’t do much for me in favor of climbing boots.

These benefits are too specific for general use. Considering how strong the other options are, climbing boots are a tough sell.

#4 Light boots

Increased movement speed is always powerful in shooters, and MW3 is no exception. Combine that extra speed with mobile weapons like the submachine gun and you’ll be a total nightmare.


Light boots are durable, but their usefulness varies greatly depending on your weapon and map. 

Unfortunately, I don’t see much benefit from faster, quieter swimming, which is held back by the use of lightweight boots.

#3 Tactical pads

Tactical pads are a lot of fun, and killing someone while sliding is one of the most satisfying feelings in MW3. ADS while sliding is good, but don’t underestimate the improved repositioning speed. Crouching and drop-throwing are some of the most effective ways to make your opponent miss in a gunfight. 


The higher movement speed in the crouch position will also come in handy for all you crab crawlers out there. Tactical lasts are very useful and will likely become an essential boot for many players.

#2 Stalker Boots

If I could rank the Stalker boots and tactical lasts the same, I would, but I think the Stalker boots are   a little   better. The increased ADS speed is a huge bonus, and the ability to quickly lock onto targets will allow you to win countless battles.

The improved strafe speed should not be underestimated either. Rapid fire is a great way to make your opponent miss. If you do this with a mobile weapon like a submachine gun, you will dominate close-range combat. For players who enjoy fast, close and personal combat, the Stalker boots are a fantastic choice.

Secret sneakers #1

Dead silence is back, baby! If you’re a casual gamer or use your TV speakers instead of a headset, the benefits of silent footsteps may not seem that important.


In sweaty G-Fuel-equipped lobbies, you’ll quickly realize how important sound is. Headphones are a conversation for another time, but if you can hear your opponent approaching before he does the same to you, you will usually win the fight.

Stealth sneakers are somewhat countered by a bone conduction headset that “improves detection of enemy footsteps.” It’s hard to say how they’ll compare in the future, but for now I’ll take silent steps any day of the week.


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