The best buffs in Starfield

The best buffs in Starfield

There are a lot of power-ups you can get in Starfield, and the best power-ups are the permanent power-ups from magazines you find in the world. There are some that are much better than others, but many of these magazines do the same thing and just pile up. So, we have collected all those who do the same thing in their own category. We’ll let you know where to find the best magazine lovers and which ones to look out for first.


Star Field – the best lovers of the magazine in the ranking.

6 – Pathfinder’s Tutorials 01 to 10.


  • Varuun’s Scripture 01   – Alpha Centauri system, planet Jamison, spaceport of New Atlantis. Go to the UC Security office and head towards the prison cells. Look under the cell bunk at the very end.
  • Varuun’s Scripture 02   – Solar System, Earth’s Moon, New Galactic Star Yard. Look around until you find the crew quarters and check the bunk beds. He sits on one.
  • Varuun’s Scripture 03   – Cheyenne system, planet Aquila, city of Aquila. Look around and you’ll eventually find a broken hut on Stretch. It’s inside, on the floor.
  • Varuun’s Scripture 04   – Eridania System, planet of Eridania, but on an Abandoned Orbital Station. It can usually be found during Andrea’s companion mission on a table next to a weapon crate.
  • Varuun’s Scripture 05   – Narion system, planet Deepala, space station “Clinic”. It’s in the VIP section, which you can only access during the Deputy Ranger FC quest while looking for Maya.
  • Varuun’s Scripture 06   – Alpha Centauri System, planet Jamison, New Atlantis, but inside Varuun’s embassy in MAST.
  • Varuun’s Scripture 07   – Solar System, Earth’s Moon, New Galactic Star Yard. It is on the top floor in a room with shelves and drawers.
  • Varuun’s Scripture 08   – Abandoned hangar in Porrima II, in the Porrima system, Planet Porrima II, Abandoned hanger. This will be a room on the second floor. It is on the table next to the loot chest.
  • Varuun’s Scripture 09   – Porrima System, Planet Porrima II, Red Mile, It’s in the bar.
  • Varuun’s Scripture 10   – Solar system, planet Mars, abandoned mining complex. While you are taking out the spacers during Vanguard missions, simply go to the supervisor’s room and look for it on the table.

Buff Received:  Increases the bonus to stealth damage you receive from ranged weapons by 1% and the bonus to stealth damage you receive from melee weapons by 5%.


They are the most annoying, but if you are going to build a stealth archer, they are very useful. An overall increase in range of up to 10%, as well as a 50% increase in melee attack, is insanely good, and will quickly become unbearable. Grab them as you pass by and end up hunting them down.

5 – Pathfinder’s Tutorials 01 to 05


  • Tracker’s Primers 01   – Victor Complex on McClure II in the McClure system, planet McClure II, Victor Complex. You will find him during the companion quest Hart’s Case.
  • Pathfinder’s Manuals 02   – Indum System, Planet Indum II, Pilgrim’s Rest. Open the locked room with the digipik, it will be inside the room.
  • Tracker’s Primers 03   – Porrima system, planet Porrima II, Red Mile. Go up to the top floor of the bar to find him.
  • Tracker’s Primers 04   – Random drop in abandoned mining outposts.
  • Tracker’s Primers 05   – Narion System, Vectera Planet, Argos Mining Outpost Extractors. Go to the bunk beds in the barracks-type room and you will find her on the bed.

You receive a buff:  damage from EM weapons is constantly increased by 5%.


EM weapons are either the last resort or the first weapon to pick up, depending on your playstyle. Either way, it’s really smart to have them as powerful as possible. The 25% damage increase is no joke, so grab them ASAP.

4 – Adventures of Solomon 01, 03 and 05


  • Adventures of Solomon 01   – Cheyenne system, planet Aquila, city of Aquila, inside the Kou estate. Go to Jacob’s bedroom and find it on the nightstand.
  • Adventures of Solomon 03   –   Random drop on abandoned mining platforms. I found it near the lockers in what looked like a storage room.
  • Adventures of Solomon 05   – Eridani system, planet Eridani III, site of helium-3 mining in an abandoned mineral processing plant. Before you finish clearing this place, search the chests locked with Master locks in the last room.

You receive a buff:  your weapon damage at night is permanently increased by 5%.


Only three of them are worth mentioning because they are essentially an increase in the efficiency of killing enemies at night. Most players just walk into each area trying to get through, so the 15% boost won’t be noticeably noticeable, but it helps a lot.

3 – Peak performance from 01 to 05.


  • Peak Performance 01   – Alpha Centauri system, Eye space station. To the right of Vladimir.
  • Peak Performance 02   – Random drop of empty UC listening posts.
  • Peak Performance 03   – Random drop in abandoned military complexes. I found mine near some dumbbells in the barracks.
  • Peak Performance 04   – Maheo System, Planet Maheo I, Sonny Di Falcos Estate. It’s in the room where Sonny hangs out.
  • Peak Performance 05   – Krix system, Key space station. Next to Suvorov on the table in the kitchen.

You get a positive effect:  the weight of your carrying bag permanently increases by 5 kilograms.

Now you can tell people that your body is what peak performance looks like. Seriously, this is a lifesaver because 25 total points added to your carry weight makes a huge difference and is essentially what gives you a skill point in fitness. It’s definitely worth taking the time to find, and most of them are easy to get to.


2 – GROUND from 01 to 10


  • GRUNT 01   – Porrima system, planet Porrima III. Complete the quest “The Red Mile” and get to the tower. There is a magazine in the dead spacer next to the button.
  • GRUNT 02   – System of Volia, planet of Volia Alpha, Neon. Go to the Sokka Syndicate hideout and go to the center of the living room. The magazine is on the table.
  • GRUNT 03   – Cheyenne system, planet Montara, Wagoner farm. Go to the canyon to the east and you will find it along the path. You can also find him by regularly completing the Freestar Rangers mission “Deputized”.
  • GRUNT 04   – Krix system, space station “Key”. Go to the bar and go past the ping pong table to a separate table next to the windows. It sits there and waits for you.
  • GRUNT 05   is a random drop found in the abandoned garrisons of the University of California. I found mine in the control room next to the computer.
  • GRUNT 06   is a random item that can be found in the desert garrisons of Ecliptic. You can usually find it near the safe in the armory.
  • GRUNT 07   is a random item found in abandoned cryolabs. I found mine very easily on a table near the main entrance.
  • GRUNT 08   – Altair system, planet Altair IV, Abandoned station. At some point you will come across a control room during the “Failure to Communicate” side quest. The magazine lies on the navigation table in the middle of the room.
  • GRUNT 09   – Solar system, planet Mars, Cydonia. Head to the UC Barracks and look at the desk after you enter the door. It sits there and waits for you.
  • GRUNT 10   – Random drop on abandoned military sites. You can usually find it near the safe.

Buff Received:  Permanently increase the critical damage of your ballistic weapons by 5%.

He’s really hard to defeat because you use ballistic weapons to fire a lot of shots. This increases the chance of getting critical hits, and if you stack them all up, the damage will increase by 50%. It’s hard to pass by these. The only problem is that many of them are random, so I suggest choosing the ones we know where to find.

1 – Constellation Guide 02 and Constellation Guide 04


  • Constellation Guide 04  – Narion System, Planet Deepala, Clinica Space Station. When you enter the clinic lobby, go to the sofa on the left and he will be on the seat.
  • Constellation Guide 02  is a random drop found in abandoned research outposts. I found mine on a counter next to a locker in some break room.

You get the benefit of  using 15% less oxygen when moving in an overloaded state.

There are two such magazines, and they are the most important. At some point, we’ve all taken on too much and you run out of energy very quickly. Unfortunately, your companion will only be able to carry so much stuff, so everyone will have to do a half-walk, half-run of shame back to their starship.


Essentially, you run for a short period of time before walking again. If you stack up these magazine boosts, you’ll be able to run longer before you need a break. Other magazines are good, but they are not as loved as this one, because when you need them, you feel how useful they are.

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