The best indie shooters

The best indie shooters

Indie shooters are small, but creative and exciting games that can surprise both casual players and seasoned veterans of virtual shootouts.

Indie games created by a small team (or even one person ) often turn out to be better than AAA projects from large gaming companies. If this statement seems dubious to you, we hope the indie shooters on our list will change your mind.


The best indie shooters

A game with a minimalistic style, the highlight of which is time dilation . When the player stands still, time stops. But at the same time, you can fire a weapon, throw improvised objects at enemies, or dodge a bullet.

The game has two modes: endless (with a constant onslaught of enemies) and challenges (with time limits, weapons, and so on). There is often not enough ammunition, so you have to take weapons from defeated enemies. The game turned out to be extremely cinematic, which is why it won a lot of awards and positive reviews from gamers.


The best indie shooters

Co-op shooter for 4 people. Playing as space gnomes , you will explore the depths of distant planets in search of valuable resources. There is a destructible environment – you don’t have to walk through the intricate labyrinths of mines and literally cut your way to the goal. Various insect-like creatures are presented as enemies.

There are 4 classes with a unique play style. For example, the Engineer can install turrets and defensive structures, and the Driller destroys solid rock. The game is praised for its graphics, procedural world generation , and co-op.


The best indie shooters

The history of Black Mesa is not to be envied – the project was announced in 2004 , but only reached a full release in 2020. But it was still greeted warmly and with impatience, because this is a remake of the legendary Half-Life, approved by Valve itself . So if you missed the beginning of physicist Gordon Freeman’s adventures with a mount, it’s time to catch up.

The gameplay includes not only shooting, but also platforming elements , as well as puzzle solving – this is not surprising if you remember who we have to play for.


The best indie shooters

A retro shooter, the developers of which were inspired by the well-known Half-Life, Quake, Heretic and Hexen. Players must survive a night during which they are attacked by a crowd of various monsters . There is no plot as such. The game is divided into 3 episodes (maybe more will be released in the future ), which contain a couple of levels. There is an impressive arsenal of firearms, and the main character has auxiliary abilities (tackle, jump, strafe).

DUSK stands out for its atmosphere and spirit of the “classics”. The levels have secrets, there are logical riddles, and the gameplay sometimes takes place in complete darkness. If you’re looking for classic indie first-person shooters , look no further than DUSK.


The best indie shooters

A multiplayer indie shooter that was once a simple mod on the Source engine . Players are invited to fight each other on 27 different maps, based on locations in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia. There is a squad system: each player is assigned a specific role. Thus, teamwork here is the key to victory.

There is a lot more to tell about Insurgency. About the cooperative mode, weapon customization , hardcore battles, internal level editor. But it’s better to see it once!


The best indie shooters

Fortune’s Run is an old-school first-person shooter , strongly reminiscent of Duke Nukem 3D, but with RPG elements in the vein of Deus Ex and EYE: Divine Cybermancy, emphasized by a thick and dark cyberpunk atmosphere.

Discover a dystopian future world where food is free, but people are starving and every living soul is a commodity. Do you have the courage to change this, or at least tear everything to hell here?

Fortune’s Run takes the best of old- school shooters , including the fast-paced gunplay of Quake and the equally effective melee combat of Shadow Warrior, while the sheer number of futuristic gadgets and witty references will delight any sci-fi fan.


The best indie shooters

If you’re wondering how indie developers are doing with large-scale multiplayer military shooters , then look no further than BattleBit Remastered.

Although this typical, at first glance, semi-parody project will probably scare off many players with its simple presentation and Minecraft- style graphics , in fact, behind the not the most presentable wrapper there is an epic, action-packed combat simulator, which has more of a Battlefield than the last parts of this legendary series

Here, a total of up to 254 players can clash in battle on huge battlefields using a variety of heavy equipment and literally raze it to the ground thanks to the advanced destructibility system . So, if you weren’t crazy about Battlefield 2042 and don’t mind the angular, low-res polygons, BattleBit Remastered may suddenly become your favorite military shooter.


The best indie shooters

With the development of 3D technologies, many have already forgotten that shooters can be not only with a first- and third-person view, but the release of Hotline Miami sharply refreshed everyone’s memory, reminding them that ultra-violent and spectacular shootouts can be realized in a two-dimensional format with a top-down view .

This is a stylish and brutal adventure that will immerse you in the atmosphere of uncompromising VHS action movies and neon Miami of the 1980s. The plot centers on a taciturn, mysterious protagonist who, in search of retribution, single-handedly declares war on local drug dealers, while at the same time sinking deeper and deeper into the abyss of his own psychological problems and hallucinations.

And be prepared for the fact that the gameplay in Hotline Miami is as harsh as the plot, since death here comes from the first hit, after which you will be thrown back to the beginning of the level, fortunately now you know how many enemies await you ahead.


The best indie shooters

ULTRAKILL is another fast-paced shooter in a retro style , where your skills and reflexes will collide in unequal combat with hordes of ruthless demons . Prepare to fight your way through infernal worlds, battling terrifying hellspawn and powerful bosses using an arsenal of unimaginably deadly weapons and abilities.

Despite all its outward old-fashionedness, ULTRAKILL has quite some interesting, completely modern finds, such as a combo system in the spirit of Devil May Cry and procedural level generation, thanks to which each new run will not be similar to the previous one.


The best indie shooters

Continuing the theme of modern meat shooters in the spirit of the old school, we simply cannot ignore Prodeus, which also offers an interesting combination of retro style and modern elements, not only in terms of dynamic gameplay, but also in terms of original visual style.

Prodeus is an explosive adrenaline-pumping cocktail of 2D pixels and high-definition 3D graphics that will really get you going the moment you pick up that six-barreled machine gun.


The best indie shooters

These days, the excessive slowness, straightforwardness and lack of interactivity of the environment in shooters are already quite boring, considering that they somehow managed to implement all this back in the 90s .

Fortunately, now we have an outlet in the form of Severed Steel with completely destructible levels, supersonic speeds and crowds of enemies that are quite easy and fun to destroy, and at the same time they do not look like defenseless dummies. And most importantly, here you have bullet time and a super cool main character with a gun instead of a hand, what more could a fan of old-school shooters want?


The best indie shooters

Popular indie shooter with Rougelike elements. Alone or together with friends (co-op for up to 4 people), the player will go through various levels. The ultimate goal is to defeat the boss and find the portal to the next stage. Difficulty depends on many factors (number of people, level progress, hero power), and in any case, Risk of Rain 2 will make you sweat.

Another feature is unique heroes (Engineer, Huntress, Commando, MUL-T and others). Everyone has their own abilities, and even if you master the game as one character, learning as another will not be easier.


The best indie shooters

Gunfire Reborn is another colorful roguelike shooter, but this time from the first person. Here you play as one of many anthropomorphic animals , which, in addition to powerful firearms, have various supernatural abilities.

Each character has multiple progression paths that can be unlocked, which, combined with procedural level generation and multiple game modes including co-op, gives Gunfire Reborn unprecedented replay potential .


The best indie shooters

Receiver is the most indie, as this project was created as part of a seven-day development competition with the goal of demonstrating hyper-realistic mechanics for handling weapons, but the concept was implemented so successfully that it later acquired a system of randomized levels and a non-linear narrative, turning into a full-fledged game.

Armed only with a pistol and an audio cassette player, you have to uncover the secrets of a certain secret complex, teeming with automatic turrets and combat drones .

Even if Receiver looks a little empty, it is a concentrated shooter with such exciting shootings that we will probably see something similar in some big-budget AAA project in the future. However, this is the difficult fate of indie developers – trying to implement the most creative and daring ideas in the most limited conditions in terms of budget and time, so that everyone else can use them later.


The best indie shooters

Unlike the other nostalgic indie titles on our list, Heal & Hurt is an arena shooter entirely focused on recreating that hyper-fast, no-holds-barred shootout feel that will bring back fond memories for any ’90s gamer.

At the same time, the concept of the game is unique in many ways: players will change sides every time they die, turning into angels or skeletons. Since each form has its own advantages and disadvantages, you will also have to constantly change your playstyle.


The best indie shooters

Fistful of Frags is a true living classic of multiplayer indie shooters that will soon celebrate its tenth anniversary.

Since 2014, this free-to-play game has offered a unique experience of mind -blowing multiplayer Western shootouts , which will next be available to players in full format only with the release of Red Dead Online.

Even though the graphics here are far from the most impressive, and the shooting sometimes seems too slow and a little clunky, this only works to Fistful of Frags’s advantage, creating a strong feeling that you are involved in a drunken fight against everyone in some seedy saloon, so far Not every shot you take hits the target, which only adds to the fun and authenticity of the experience.


The best indie shooters

Is this a shooter, you ask? Yes! The game has elements of a top-down shooter , because you will shoot your character’s tears. The main character is the child Isaac, who, hiding from his distraught mother in the basement, finds new adventures for himself. The player will have to explore the rooms on the floor (randomly generated) and look for various artifacts that will strengthen you or, conversely, make it difficult to pass. To move to the next stage you need to defeat the boss.

The game is distinguished by its hardcore gameplay, as well as replayability due to hundreds of different items. The game has a remake, Rebirth, and an expansion, Afterbirth, which have even more content than the original.


The best indie shooters

A fast shooter with Rougalike elements, in which the gamer is invited to explore dungeons . The gameplay focuses on shooting, which you may be familiar with from classic shooters like Quake, Painkiller, Heretic. There are upgrades, spells, and a variety of weapons. Levels are generated randomly, so each playthrough will be unique.

Harkdor is the second name of the game. Traps, strong bosses, crowds of enemies… don’t expect an easy passage!


The best indie shooters

An indie shooter in which gamers take on the role of defenders of the city of Elysion One on a distant planet. The gameplay is divided into two parts: construction and defense. In the first, you build various blocks (like in tower defense games ), and in the second, you personally enter the battlefield and fight alien creatures using various weapons. In the arsenal you will find a shotgun, an assault rifle, a rocket launcher, a sniper and other weapons.

There are 5 modes to choose from: Survival , Campaign, Ready, Fortitude, Sandbox . The game turned out to be very cheerful, with driving action and constantly increasing complexity.


Realistic multiplayer shooter dedicated to the First World War . There are 4 game modes: Frontline, Deathmatch, Attrition, and Squad Defense. The emphasis in gameplay is on realism. Without thoughtful tactics and well-coordinated teamwork, you will quickly lose.

Gameplay varies greatly depending on the mode. For example, in Frontline you will capture points and move the front line, with all players divided into units with different tactical roles. In Battle of Attrition, you’ll earn points for killing (and losing points for dying).

Realism is observed in all details (clothing, maps, shooting), and this game will appeal to those who love complex shooters.


The best indie shooters

The project from the creators of Verdun is an FPS that takes gamers back to the First World War. Tannenberg features intense battles with 64 players The player will have access to a saber, rifles, grenades and protective equipment. The battles, based on real events, involve the Russian Empire and Germany, as well as allied forces.

In the campaign, the user is given a choice of six units and over five dozen types of weapons. If you like to play such games in a company, then the developers have provided co-op for 4 gamers. Those interested in history will certainly enjoy Tannenberg.


The best indie shooters

The authors of Insurgency did not reinvent the wheel – they simply took the first part, added a lot of content to it and improved the graphics. As a result, the sequel has become as popular as the original, and if you have a good computer, we strongly recommend trying it out.

This is also a tactical shooter , the shootings in which mostly take place in narrow spaces that can cause claustrophobia even in the most seasoned. And, of course, teamwork – Insurgency: Sandstorm is nowhere without it.


And again a realistic military shooter is on stage, and again – about modern war . Squad is similar in many ways to Insurgency: Sandstorm and yet unique in its own way. Players are invited to split into different troops and clash with the enemy on 20 unique maps, on which you can move not only on your own two feet, but also on various vehicles. Hardcore, tactics, voice negotiations – everything is in place.


The best indie shooters

Get a rifle and go to a post-apocalyptic world full of dangers – how long will you last in such conditions? This is what the indie survival Deadside offers to find out. You will find yourself in a giant open world where your enemies are NPC bandits, other players and nature itself. Alone or with friends, you will explore open spaces, build shelters, search for supplies, trade and survive.

The fact that Deadside is another cool indie game is proven by the abundance of “very positive” reviews on Steam , of which there are over 10 thousand.


If, while reading the article, you didn’t have a question like “why are indie shooters so much more realistic than those produced by large companies,” then it’s time for it to appear, since Hell Let Loose is another worthy representative of the genre. He sends you to the trenches of World War II and invites you to take part in epic battles for 100 people.

Death from a couple of hits, the participation of all types of troops and equipment, a dynamically changing front line, the importance of tactics – this excellent shooter can boast of these and other advantages, which is worth paying attention to.


The best indie shooters

Rock is alive and well in BPM: BULLETS PER MINUTE , a rhythmic roguelike shooter where you shoot and dodge to the beat of the music. You will go into hellish dungeons, where you will meet creepy creatures – and they, in turn, will be met by a creepy-sized bazooka, a killer shotgun and other weapons.

From the roguelike there are randomly generated dungeons, 5 different characters with different features and items that drop out randomly.


If Max Payne remains vivid in your memory, but you have no desire to replay it, or you recently watched a cheerful Hong Kong action movie, then you will probably like the platformer My Friend Pedro . Here, shooting is cleverly intertwined with the enchanting flexibility of the main character, which allows him to perform spectacular acrobatic techniques. Therefore, every shootout is like manna from heaven for fans of the epic. Add to this humor, a pleasant visual style and some kind of physics, and you get another worthy representative of indie shooters.


The best indie shooters

Soldat 2 is indie to the core, since one person is responsible for the development of the game, who is behind the creation of the original. In terms of gameplay, the game is similar to My Friend Pedro: you can also expect colorful and dynamic shootouts in 2.5D space, each of which is memorable in its own way due to the realistic physics of the characters’ behavior.

But that’s where the similarities end, because Soldat 2 is an online game. You will have to fly around the map not alone, but in a team of the same people who do not understand what is happening here. Other features include many modes, weapon customization and official support for mods.



The brainchild of lone developer Zeng Xiancheng, Bright Memory was born in 2020 , and a year later the long-awaited shooter Bright Memory: Infinite was released . The protagonist of the story is a girl named Shelia. In the story, supernatural researchers have received ancient relics containing a substance that resurrects the dead. Unfortunately, such a find became the target of a terrorist organization and during the fighting, by chance, the fighters were transported to an unknown continent.

Shelia has bladed weapons and firearms at her disposal. The heroine can deftly dodge attacks and respond with combos. Both people involved in dangerous bandits and mutated animals with skeletons rising from the ground will fight against the user.

If you are looking for a project with exciting and dynamic gameplay that won’t take up much time, then Bright Memory: Infinite is perfect. A complete completion of the game will take about three hours.


The best indie shooters

ARMORED HEAD is an arena -type FPS in which gamers will take control of a powerful gladiator robot. You will have to fight with the same machines that will attack in waves. The user will have cool weapons and equipment at his disposal.

The gameplay is dynamic and consists of shooting three dozen waves of enemies. Moreover, each subsequent attack on the protagonist becomes more massive and deadly. As a reward for victory, you will receive a cup, and with the gold coins collected during the battle you can upgrade your hero and open some auxiliary elements of the arena.


The first-person shooter Turbo Overkill tells the story of a cyber city called Paradise. Everything around is filled with enemies controlled by artificial intelligence . You have to take control of Johnny Turbo and deal with the evil that has decided to conquer the world.

The gameplay of Turbo Overkill meets all the canons of the genre. At the same time, the mechanics used in the game are borrowed from cult shooters. The gamer will have to use accelerators, portals and trampolines, which add dynamics to movement, and also spare no ammunition on opponents by picking up a plasma rifle, pistols, double-barreled shotgun or plasma cannon. By receiving bonus points for defeated villains, you will get the right to upgrade your arsenal and unlock the protagonist’s talents.

Turbo Overkill is an indie project that should definitely be considered as an option for an evening pastime. The latter is especially true for FPS fans, who will undoubtedly enjoy the game.


The best indie shooters

Devil Daggers is a shooter with action elements and a view from the eyes of the hero, where you have to go through mystical trials in a mysterious world. The locations in the game are made in the form of arenas in which the user needs to stay alive, fighting off waves of demons and other supernatural creatures.

The gamer will have bladed weapons and magic spells at his disposal. The mechanics used in Devil Daggers are taken from similar FPS projects, which will undoubtedly please fans of the genre. Please note that the game may seem hardcore to beginners , because sometimes the number of enemies on the map reaches hundreds. In addition, each of the 13 types of monsters boasts special skills that you need to get used to.



Immortal Redneck is a shooter with roguelike elements that will allow the player to be transported to Egypt . The user will find randomly generated dungeons, a bunch of enemies, and powerful bosses.

The plot of Immortal Redneck centers on a tourist from the outback who finds himself in the Ancient World. The gamer needs to choose a class from nine presented by the developers and begin the journey . The game has three and a half dozen opponents, about 50 types of weapons from magical to futuristic, and funny things like a potato launcher. Along the way, the protagonist will meet a merchant who would like to earn extra money by selling valuable equipment. By the way, the hero has a skill tree, thanks to which you can develop and become stronger.

Considering the variety of content that the developers were able to fit into the shooter, the project will captivate you for more than one evening.


High Hell is a first-person shooter in neon style. The user will have to prove his superiority over his opponents by showing a good reaction. It is the latter that will play the main role in the passage. The hero of the story decided to fight evil in the world with his own methods. To do this, the protagonist has powerful weapons and the desire to punish the scoundrels at all costs.

The gameplay of High Hell involves various options for starting the battle with enemies. You can take an excellent position and open fire, or immediately move forward. The developers have provided 20 locations with bright design and the opportunity to perform dizzying maneuvers. In addition, Easter eggs are hidden on the cards for the most attentive.

If you don’t mind a surreal shooter with fast-paced gameplay and freedom to choose your play style, then High Hell is worth considering as an option.


The best indie shooters

Project Warlock is a retro-style shooter that allows you to transport yourself to vast worlds filled with demonic creatures. At your disposal are several heroes, an impressive arsenal, spells, atmospheric locations and, of course, smart opponents.

All the action is organically combined with adrenaline-pumping music that will drive you forward. As a result, the content available in both parts will not leave any old-school or modern gamer indifferent.


COMPOUND – FPS with bagel elements, “tailored” for virtual reality devices. The gameplay of the project corresponds to classic hardcore shooters, in which each enemy encountered on the way has its own style of behavior and attacks. The death of the hero, by the way, is permanent here, which is why you have to start the passage again.

Fierce battles will take place on a space station full of secrets. Look for enemy weaknesses, take cover in suitable places and use the environment against your adversaries. Random generation of levels has a positive effect on replayability, which will appeal to every fan of testing their strength.


TOXIKK is an FPS arena that allows you to compete in mortal combat with advanced bots or users from all over the world. According to the plot, which does not have much significance in the game, factions fight in limited areas for the right to own territories. You have to show all your skills to be among the winners.

The gameplay of TOXIKK is dynamic, as well as numerous mechanics that allow you to control the hero during battle. Thus, the gamer can push off walls, make a double jump, take off on jetpacks and use trampolines. Given the speed of movement of the characters, you will have to be smart and in some situations give up aimed shooting, using the radius of destruction of more powerful types of weapons, for example, a grenade launcher. After all, your goal is to kill more opponents and earn a reputation through uncompromising combat.


The best indie shooters

Lovely Planet is a shooter with a view from the eyes of a character, where the user will find himself in an incomprehensible but beautiful world. Unfortunately, the path to an ideal planet is not as simple as we would like. The protagonist is hampered by harmful creatures, against whom he has to use semi-automatic weapons. Fortunately, the ammunition is endless, which allows you to destroy attackers in groups.

The player will find himself in an amazing universe consisting of five worlds and hundreds of levels. Lovely Planet will undoubtedly brighten up your free evening time, and as a bonus it will support gamepads , with which playing the game is a pleasure.


Ratz Instagib will have you transform into a rat and go into the arena to destroy numerous enemies. Battles will take place on 13 unique maps based on real-life settings. In addition, gamers can design stages themselves and have a lot of fun with their friends. The user is offered deathmatch, co-op, capture the flag and freeze tag modes. The latter guarantee a great evening for all fans of dynamic shooters.


HROT is an FPS inspired by projects of the past, namely the 90s of the last century. As befits an old-school shooter, it has everything – from an authentic atmosphere to mechanics that were once used in cult games. The plot will take the user to 1986, overshadowed by some kind of disaster. As a result of the incident, the world has become dangerous, and the hero will have to find out the details of what happened.

At the very beginning of the game, you will find yourself in a dark subway with a non-functional gas mask and shotgun. On the way, the protagonist will encounter many enemies who will have to be destroyed, but this will not be easy.

Fans of retrogaming will certainly enjoy HROT, because all the locations were created manually by the authors with an eye on old-school masterpieces.


Nightmare of Decay is an atmospheric first-person shooter that will take the player into a nightmarish mansion. The protagonist is forced to enter into battle with the inhabitants of a huge house, as they have turned into bloodthirsty zombies .

The gameplay involves the need to save ammunition. The latter are running out, and the monsters are still ready to tear the user to shreds. As you progress, the gamer will meet other antagonists, similar to cultists, who want to perform a strange ritual. Solve puzzles, get weapons and be careful, if there are few cartridges left, run without looking back.

You can try out the game thanks to the demo version posted on the product page on Steam. At the same time, it can be argued that Nightmare of Decay will undoubtedly appeal to fans of the first Resident Evil, since it was this legendary story that the shooter was inspired by.


Initially, Ion Fury was supposed to be a prequel to Bombshell with the name Ion Maiden, but at the request of the metal band, the title had to be urgently changed. The same thing happened with the concept, by the way, which allowed gamers to enjoy the excellent FPS that we are talking about. The protagonist of the story is Shelley Harrison, a secret agent and sapper. The girl’s task is to eliminate the mad Doctor Heskel, who has created a powerful army of cultists.

During the passage you will have to fight with soldiers, monsters, biomutants and other enemies roaming the streets of Washington. Shelley will have several weapons at her disposal with the ability to conduct alternative fire. By the way, the world around us is full of interactive objects with which you can interact, for example, mirrors, Coca-Cola machines, sockets, pizza , pianos and many others. The gameplay is diluted with appropriate humor, which improves the player’s mood and allows him to become more immersed in the work of the authors.

If you’re looking for a hardcore shooter for the evening, the Ion Fury is a great option.


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