The Crew Motorfest Release Date Announced

The Crew Motorfest Release Date Announced

The Crew Motorfest Release Date Announced

Ubisoft has given a release date for The Crew Motorfest, the sequel to the Crew series . Ubisoft recently made a presentation called Ubisoft Forward, where it showed its own games. In this presentation, the company showed its upcoming games and trailers of new games they have developed. The company first announced The Crew Motorfest , one of these games, in February this year.

The Crew , the first game of the The Crew series , was released in 2014. The Crew 2, the second game after this game , was released in 2018. Players found both games of the series average. Both games have an average score on Metacritic. Now let’s move on to other information the company provides about The Crew Motorfest .

More Details Revealed for The Crew Motorfest

Ubisoft gave more information about the new game of the series in its recent Ubisoft Forward. The company showed a trailer at the presentation and also gave the release date of the game in this trailer. According to the information we obtained in the trailer shown by the company, the game will take place on the Hawaiian island of O’ahu.

There will be different atmospheres in the game, for example, one area may be beachy, while another area may be forest and rainy. In addition , Ubisoft also said that it will always keep the game alive by bringing updates to the game from the day it was released. There will be 566 vehicles in the game. Ubisoft also provided further information and stated that a closed beta will be held for the game in July. Now let’s come to the release date of the game. According to the information given in the trailer, the game will be available on September 14.

The Crew Motorfest will be released on September 14 for PC, PS5, PS 4, Xbox Series S/X and Xbox One.

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