The Elder Scrolls Online is Free! Epic Games Surprise

The Elder Scrolls Online is Free! Epic Games Surprise

The Elder Scrolls Online is Free! Epic Games Surprise

Epic Games has become accustomed to giving free games regularly every week . Sometimes free games do not attract much attention, and sometimes high-budget games are given as a surprise. Another such surprising news came. This time The Elder Scrolls Online will be given for free .

The campaign offered within the scope of free games of the week will be valid for only 1 week, but users who purchase the game within this period will have the game completely.

The Elder Scrolls Online Isn’t the Only Surprise

The game, set in The Elder Scrolls universe, is currently sold on Steam for a price of 179 TL . It will probably be available for a similar price through Epic Games. Of course, pricing will be after the free games of the week campaign.

By the way, we should also point out that The Elder Scrolls Online is not the only surprise from Epic Games . Another game called Murder by Numbers will also be offered as a gift on the platform. Let us note that the price of the puzzle type game is 24 TL.

Both games will be available for free after July 20 . It is worth reminding again that you must add the games to your account by the next week’s free game campaign, that is, July 27th.

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