The Expected Major Update for The Last of Us Part 1 Has Arrived

The Expected Major Update for The Last of Us Part 1 Has Arrived

The Expected Major Update for The Last of Us Part 1 Has Arrived

The Last of Us Part 1 recently entered the PC world. The game entered the PC world, but we were faced with such a problematic game that the players were not very satisfied with the production. The expected updates for the game, which also failed in Steam evaluations, continue to be released one after the other. The latest v1.0.2.0 update has been announced.

The new update was the biggest update to the game so far. Of course, the question is whether this update solves the problems. Naughty Dog also published the release notes for the new update to satisfy the curiosity of the players.

What Changes After The Last of Us Part 1 v1.0.2.0?

The release notes are quite long. For this reason, I will mainly talk about the solved problems. But for those who are curious, I will be adding the page for the release notes right below.

Important Regulations

  • Fixed incorrect default graphics settings issue on AMD RX 6600 and AMD RX 5700 series.
  • An update has been made to the texture flow to reduce CPU usage.
  • The crash issue that occurred during the loading of shaders at the start of the game has been fixed.
  • The crash issue that occurred when changing character appearances has been fixed.
  • The active loading feature was activated to reduce loading times.
  • Updated graphics settings to display VRAM usage correctly.
  • Fixed bugs that prevented some textures from rendering properly.

These seem to be the main changes made with the new update released for The Last of Us Part 1 . I’ll be adding the release notes page here as well.

After this version, we will see if all the bugs in the game have been fixed. By the way , you can also visit our graphic settings article here to get better FPS in the game .

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