The Mystery of the Mushroom Circles – Baldur’s Gate 3 Guide

The Mystery of the Mushroom Circles - Baldur's Gate 3 Guide

As you roamed the Underdark during your playthrough of Baldur’s Gate 3, you probably noticed the mysterious mushroom circles and wondered what they were for? As the name suggests, they are clumps of mushrooms growing in a circle, predictably possessing magical properties that allow adventurers to use them as a means of instant travel. The question is, where exactly will you end up if you decide to step inside the circle?

Basically, they function like rune circles, but you can’t choose the end point for teleportation. In any case, this useful feature will help you move quickly and without unnecessary hassle through the Underdark and other locations in the first act. Learn how to find and use mushroom circles in Baldur’s Gate 3 .


The Mystery of the Mushroom Circles - Baldur's Gate 3 Guide

Since all the circles in one way or another lead either to the Underdark or to the vicinity of the Tea House owned by Aunt Ethel, it is not difficult to assume that the witch needed them to quickly move between her possessions and the Underdark (apparently for the sake of rare mushrooms and other magical ingredients) . The current version of the game has four mushroom circles located in different locations.

  • In the Overgrown Tunnel, accessible through the fireplace in Aunt Ethel’s living room. First, you will need to deal with the witch herself, then put on the mask and jump over the gap to get to the circle.
  • In the Caustic Witch’s Workshop, which can be reached through the portal in the Tea House after defeating her.
  • In the caves under the Tea House behind a locked Gnarled door with a face. To get to the door safely, we recommend casting Protection from Evil and Good on yourself, and then putting on one of the witch masks to open the magical passage.
  • In the south of the Underdark next to the Magic Tower. You will need to jump along the mushroom ladder to the top of the ledge.

It’s worth noting that not all mushroom circles are inaccessible from the start of your journey . As you can see, sometimes you need to complete a quest or meet certain criteria before unlocking the ability to use these magical portals. However, once you have access to them, mushroom circles will become your second favorite way to fast travel in Baldur’s Gate 3 after rune circles.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a huge game with many secret passages and hidden locations, so we might have missed something. If you have found mushroom circles elsewhere, please let us know in the comments.

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