There Will Be Many Changes in Gameplay in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Compared to the First Game

There Will Be Many Changes in Gameplay in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Compared to the First Game

There will be many changes in terms of gameplay in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 compared to the first game. Sony announced Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, one of its major game series, for the first time at the Playstation Showcase event. At this event, the company showed a trailer from the game, although it did not provide much information. Then, the company started to provide more information about the game.

He showed a lot of trailers about the game. Some trailers were game trailers, some were gameplay trailers. In the last trailer they showed, they also showed the release date of the game. Now, more information about the gameplay of the game has arrived.

What will be the changes in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 compared to the first game?

There were update notes about the contents of the game on Playstation ‘s website. In these notes, the differences that the game would have compared to the first game were written. Here are the innovations of the game that are different from the first game:


  • Voice: Screen reader support will read aloud all on-screen text in menus.
  • Subtitles: On-screen subtitles and audio descriptions are available for cinematic scenes.
  • Gameplay: You can choose to slow the action down to 70%, 50%, or 30% of full speed; You can return to normal speed at any time.

These improvements will address things that were not available in previous games and will also include innovations featured in Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered.


  • QTE AutoComplete – Automatically advances entire QTE sequences without pressing the button.
  • Change Button Tap to Hold – Button prompts that require button taps now require the buttons to be held down.
  • Web Shooter Burst – Enables up to three Webs to fire simultaneously. It allows the player to completely negate most enemies with a single button press.
  • Aiming Mode – Sets the aiming action as a toggle or button press.
  • Swing/Parkour Mode – Sets the swing and parkour as a pass or a button hold.
  • Pursuit Boost – Reduced the top movement speed of pursuit targets so they have a longer window before the target escapes. It automatically connects to the tracking target when within range. Press [R3] to automatically turn the camera towards the tracking target.
  • Improved Auto-Aim – Aim targets more easily while in aim mode.
  • Increased Evasion Window – Increases the evasion window duration.
  • Skip Puzzles – When enabled there will be an option to skip circuit, spectrography and watchtower puzzles.
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