This Soulslike Pinocchio has a neat weapon durability mechanic

This Soulslike Pinocchio has a neat weapon durability mechanic

Look, if you ask me, gun durability is bullshit. It’s ostensibly meant to encourage experimentation, but its implementation in games like Dead Island 2 and The Legend of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom tends to be more headache-inducing than inspiring any improvised ideas. testing a variety of weapons, especially in the midst of an intense battle with a formidable boss. Lies of P , the upcoming Soullike inspired by Bloodborne by South Korean duo Neowiz Games and Round8 Studio, also features weapon durability, but surprisingly the way it’s implemented here results in a much more rewarding experience.


Releases September 19 for PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Lies of P  is Carlo’s dark, free reinvention. Collodi’s tale Pinocchio . However, the main character P (who bears an eerie resemblance to actor Timothée Chalamet) is not made of wood, but rather resembles an animatronic puppet made up of mechanical parts such as bolts, gears and springs. He is just one of Master Geppetto’s creations; Other Master dolls can be found throughout the city, once serving as butlers, police officers, and even pets. However, now they have all gone mad, wreaking havoc throughout Krath.

Taking control of a clockwork doll, you fight your way through bloody, steampunk-infused Belle Epoque France, hacking away at crazed puppets to not only save Geppetto, but get to the bottom of the plague that is causing the once docile puppets to turn their shit up and kill everyone. As you travel around the city, smashing them to pieces, you’ll find over 30 weapons to aid you in your quest, and as you use each one, they will eventually become dull and require repair. Thankfully, the game actually does something smart and cool with its weapon durability system, including the handy Grinder item.

Always grind your Lies of P weapons. to maximum sharpness

With every blow you strike with a weapon, whether blunt like a police baton or sharp like a thin rapier, its strength gradually decreases. Attack enough times and your weapon will not only do less damage as its durability depletes, but it will eventually break if you don’t repair it before it breaks. However, the Mill, an item given to you at the beginning of the game, can come to the rescue. Attached to SekiroP.The Legion-style prosthetic left arm allows you to simply hold a button to sharpen the blade and replenish its durability as many times as you want, whenever you want. Repairing your weapons in the game both replenishes your durability bar and gives you a bonus to attack damage, especially if you have special P upgrades that increase attack power when the weapon’s durability is depleted.

The damage boost is a nice bonus for taking care of your weapons, but about a third of the way through the game you’ll unlock a merchant in the main hub world of Hotel Krat who can upgrade your Grinder with elemental effects. By attaching a whetstone to a weapon sharpener, you can temporarily imbue your weapon with something like electricity for bashing damage or fire for burn damage, both of which do hurt certain types of enemies. Sharpening Stones are fragile special items that can only be used a few times, but the elemental effects they grant are a blessing. If you’re facing an enemy weak to fire, the Flame Whetstone and various other fire equipment like the Flamberge Legion Arm, which is essentially a flamethrower on your arm, will help. Thus, Not only do you replenish your weapon as its durability decreases to deal more damage, but you also imbue your equipment with an element to further increase your damage. This is a good compromise for just walking slowly while repairing.

In this way, Lies of P joins DMC -like action game Ultra Age among games that do something worthwhile and interesting with weapon durability. False P The system rewards you for taking care of the equipment you purchase and use regularly. It’s like scratching the back of a gun—if it actually has a back to scratch, that is. In any case, if you take care of your weapon, it will definitely take care of you.

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