Together | Walkthrough Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Together | Walkthrough Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Together | Walkthrough Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Here we are, the final quest in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 . Harry having contaminated the entire city, you will have to join forces to weaken him and help him free himself from Venom’s grip, if you succeed. This quest, Together, has several parts and promises to be epic.

Whenever you want, head to Peter’s house in the Astoria district. A screen will symbolize the point of no return before continuing. Rest assured, you will be able to return to the world after the mission to complete everything. Validate to trigger a long cutscene, and the team having separated, you are finally in the shoes of MJ and his web taser now armed with sonic charges

Collect the meteorite

In Venom’s lair, move forward and shoot the yellow bulb with L2 + R1 to clear a passage. Further on, discreetly neutralize a symbiote with a taser shot.

Finally, in the following area, neutralize the enemies as best you can using your scenery, otherwise dodge the attacks while shooting. As soon as the enemies are down, approach the meteorite and grab it. Flee using the indicated path and eliminate the enemies coming your way. Shoot a yellow bulb to open the path and progress by killing enemies.

Together | Walkthrough Marvel's Spider-Man 2

In the next room, locate the ladder but you will be chased by a colossal Symbiote. Run, dodge, shoot but above all shoot the barrels in the room to weaken it. Once killed, climb the ladder and leave the area. You trigger a cutscene in which the final fight against Venom is announced with Peter.

How to eliminate Venom?

The final combat of the game will take place in 4 distinct combat phases, in several locations

  • The first phase of the fight takes place in the heart of the high school where you and Harry studied. To succeed in this phase, dodge all his attacks as soon as you can, since he will be fast. After 3 light attacks, he will follow up with a crush attack (blue circle) to also dodge. Be careful not to let Venom get too close as he could catch you and inflict damage. At certain times, the arena will be covered with small black symbiotic arms, it’s up to you to reach another healthy platform as soon as possible before resuming the fight

Together | Walkthrough Marvel's Spider-Man 2

  • The second phase of combat will begin with the addition of green symbiotes which will attack you. In this phase, it will be impossible for you to take away his life, as a white bar protects his life bar. Remember to dodge his attacks and make perfect parries with the symbiotes to counterattack and eliminate them. Once the symbiotes are down, use your Anti-Venom attacks as soon as possible to break this white bar and finally inflict damage on it again. The story will repeat itself a second time halfway through, so repeat the same operations.
  • The third phase of the fight will take place in the very heart of the Emily-May Foundation and this time, at the controls of Miles, Peter being unwell. This phase is quite painful, Venom being in the air thanks to gigantic wings, and often preventing you from attacking him in melee. Dodge single projectiles but as soon as you see L1 + R1 on a projectile, send it straight back to its owner. This may take a while but should be pretty simple all the same, if you keep moving.


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