Top Roblox Games Based on The Squid Game

Top Roblox Games Based on The Squid Game

The Squid Game is a popular Korean Netflix series that suddenly took the world by storm when it was released in 2021, so it’s no surprise that a ton of fan projects inspired by this pop culture phenomenon have popped up recently. Roblox, a platform for creating custom games, has not bypassed the general obsession with this show.

In addition to horror , shooters and other popular genres , all sorts of game adaptations of the “Squid Games” have recently become fashionable , because they allow you to experience what it’s like to participate in a competition where the price of a mistake is death.

Today, Roblox has already accumulated countless such projects, so we decided to compile a list of the best games based on The Squid Game. Most of them mimic several, if not all, of the challenges from the series, but there are also some that focus entirely on one game.


If you don’t want to beat around the bush for too long, it’s logical to first look at the projects with the highest ratings. Of these, we recommend Fish Game from GOODJUJU. This is one of the most popular adaptations of The Squid Game and we can see why. It’s simple and doesn’t add too much flair to the original experience. Therefore, you will not have to deal with paid improvements and other attempts to diversify and monetize gameplay. Instead, all you have to do is focus on the rules and try not to die in this cruel playground.

The challenges included in Fish Game are similar to those from the Netflix original series. These include “Red Light, Green Light” and “Sugar Honeycomb”. However, there is still one original idea here – this is the third mode with the intriguing name “Blood Rising”. We won’t spoil it for you, just know that it’s quite challenging even for experienced Roblox players.


Hexa Game is another game that is sure to take over all your free time. All this is because this is one of the largest and most accessible “Squid Games”, allowing up to 185 players to compete on one server.

Moreover, Hexa Game is also not limited to just a few original games from the series. You can play all six instead. These include “Red Light, Green Light”, “Sugar Honeycomb”, “Tug of War”, “Kganbu” (Balls), “Glass Bridge” and the eponymous final test, after which the series itself is named.

And the most important thing is that this is a fairly high-quality and well-developed project, so you won’t encounter too many errors and bugs while playing. In fact, the developer’s main focus right now is on improving the gameplay, so things will get even more interesting in the future.


I would like to especially thank Burning Hot Games for creating Impossible Squid Game Obby! (Glass Bridge) because it’s a wonderful experience. Just like in one of the episodes of the series, your goal is to get to the end of the glass bridge.

This in itself is quite a challenging task, but it still brings a lot of satisfaction when you do manage to reach the end. Moreover, the creators of this game are also constantly improving it. Most recently, the developers fixed some mechanics with an update. They have also added more items that you can buy from the store to make the game more fun.

The best thing is that you can easily complete it in just 15 minutes to unlock the special radar. You can also team up with other participants and reduce the completion time to 13 minutes. However, please note that you will have to pay real money for bonuses and upgrades. However, this experience is worth going through if completing this challenge in other Roblox projects is not enough for you.


However, there is far more than one place dedicated to the Glass Bridge test.

Impossible Glass Bridge Obby! also deserves your attention, as it offers an equally exciting cooperative experience of passing this deadly obstacle, where your next step could be your last. Will you use the cowardly tactic of biding your time and watch other competitors fall into the abyss, or will you close your eyes and rush recklessly towards victory, relying on luck?


As you can guess from the name, Light Game – Game 7 offers players the full range of challenges from the original series, making this play more than deserving of its place on our list.

All the rules, conditions and even the appearance of the tests were recreated with amazing accuracy, although some were slightly changed in order to add spectacularity and dynamics to the game. For example, there are several glass bridges here at once, which allows more players to try their luck at the same time, although there will be more chances of falling on the first platform.


Red Light, Green Light by slugfo is considered the best “Squid Game” on Roblox. This is understandable given her 86% positive rating and huge popularity. In fact, this project became so big that many other developers began to imitate it.

What is the Red Light, Green Light experience like? First, know that this is one of the most comprehensive games, giving you 5 of the 6 challenges from the TV show. The final version is still in development, but you’ll likely see it in person soon.

However, the main advantage of this adaptation is that the servers here can support up to 175 players online in a single gaming session. Moreover, the mechanics and rules are very similar to what we saw in the series, as you will need to complete each task as quickly as possible. You only have one try at each stage and you can’t respawn, so the stakes are as high as possible. This concept makes everything that happens on the screen much closer to the oppressive atmosphere of constant tension among the participants that can be felt in the original. It’s a lot of fun to play and you can certainly spend hours trying to complete all the challenges without making a single mistake without getting bored.


As you can already tell, Roblox has many projects dedicated to more than one challenge from the Squid Game. However, while Squid Challenge [Red Light Green Light] isn’t in that category, it’s certainly well made enough to give it a try. This statement is especially true if you haven’t played enough of one of the most iconic games in the series, Red Light, Green Light.

So why is she so good? Firstly, you can win cash prizes. You’ll even get 1000 in-game currency if you sign up for a premium account. In addition, the developers are actively updating the current version of the game.

They even recently added the ability to role-play as a VIP client from the series and place bets. If you get rich enough and survive this bloody tournament, you can now watch the pitiful humans fight for their lives and even profit from their suffering. In this sense, the Squid Challenge certainly provides a unique experience. Moreover, the developers are working hard to recreate other original challenges from the series.


Squid Game – BE A GUARD by 9TAIL INC. is one of the most unusual Roblox projects based on “The Squid Game.” As the name suggests, you can play not only as a competitor, but also as a security guard. Consequently, there are many other things you can do instead of just fighting to win the tournament.

In addition, items from the store even allow you to become a VIP client and place large bets. So, the fun of this game never ends due to the wide variety of content and game modes it provides. The most interesting thing is that the authors offer you eight tests instead of the traditional six.

Of course, you can only play original challenges from the Netflix show. However, the developers also added a few of their own ideas, resulting in a more unique experience than other adaptations. This means you can replay it endlessly. Although we cannot say that the age rating of Squid Game – BE A GUARD is perfect for children , given the cruelty of the source material.


Shark Game is another project that brings you classic games from the series. However, it is a little unusual in that some of the mechanics in certain mini-games are different from what we saw in the series. For example, you can literally knock other players out of the game during Kganbu.

On the other hand, what really sets Shark Game apart from its competitors is its fast loading times. Other games take a few minutes to fully load, but with Shark Game it always takes just a few seconds. Consequently, you can play and switch between rounds and mini-games faster than you ever thought possible.

Finally, it is unique in that you and other participants can vote on which challenge you want to participate in next. The games are not randomized, so you will always know what will happen next and can change the order. If you like having a say in this inhumane human experiment, Shark Game is definitely a good choice. It also offers more mini-games than the classic six, so there’s more variety here.


If you like small games , then Pingy’s Squid Game is one of the best creations on this topic on Roblox. There are no more than 40 players allowed on one server, so you won’t feel discriminated against or overwhelmed by the number of competitors.

Despite its modest scope, Squid Game provides five of the six canonical challenges. You can play Red Light Green Light, Sugar Honeycomb, Tug of War, Kganbu and Glass Bridge. After you win each game, you are ranked accordingly on the leaderboard if you were good enough. They also promise to give you a certain amount of in-game currency if you join the official Roblox development group.


The best game in the series adaptation category may well be Squid Game from Trendsetter Games. This project has earned this status because it adds more mechanics to the tests, instead of the standard conditions – survive or come first.

For example, Squid Game allows you to focus on finding and upgrading weapons that you can get in arenas . You can also buy loot boxes, win money, and just compete in most of the show’s challenges. In addition, the developers have tried very hard to make everything that happens as similar to the series as possible, so this entertainment is great for fans of the show. For example, you start with “Red Light, Green Light” and go through each mini-game in order.

Moreover, the game is full of tension because you see corpses lying around as other players die on the battlefield. There’s also an every-man-for-himself night mode that matches the series’ plot, doubling the intensity and making the game even more nerve-wracking and brutal. Finally, this is also the highest quality project, in which the creators put a lot of effort into cut scenes and dialog boxes for greater immersion and creating an authentic atmosphere.


Despite what the name suggests, you can play more than just Sugar Honeycomb here. Squid Game | HONEYCOMB offers several game modes, including Red Light, Green Light. However, the game is unique in that you can purchase a special item that will allow you to be that killer doll.

In addition, Squid Game | HONEYCOMB adds some kind of RPG elements to the gameplay. You can form alliances, support or betray teammates, and much more. There’s also a big prize pool at the end that you can win, so the stakes are high.

However, the server size is quite small – about 50 people in one gaming session. Consequently, it is more intimate than the other games listed here. However, if you find minimalism more appealing, then this is definitely one of the best options for you.


Would you rather have a choice than be one of the same desperate losers who are ready to kill each other for a cash prize? If so, then Squid Game Infinity RP [Roleplay] by Ryanblaze is the best option for you.

Unlike other games, here you are free to roleplay as anyone you want. You can be either an ordinary player or a detective, a group leader, a security guard, a VIP client, or even take the place of the organizer himself. Of course, many non-player roles are paid options that you can purchase in the store. However, this adds a new level to your gaming experience compared to servers that lock you into the role of an ordinary competitor under a serial number.

However, it is worth emphasizing that the game is still not very perfect. The developers are constantly working on this, so you should see more updates (and discounts on improvements) over time. In addition, more modest sessions are held here and no more than 50 players are allowed to participate at the same time.


Squid Game X by Redifi is one of the most popular Roblox projects based on the Squid Game. It is not 100% finished yet, but it already claims to be one of the best, because the developers are constantly adding gameplay improvements and new content. The gameplay here is smoother and more polished, with fewer bugs compared to its competitors.

Moreover, in this game you can act not only as a participant, but also as a security guard. There are currently four game modes, so there is already some variety in gameplay. After completing the mini-game, you can get skill upgrades, new skins and other rewards. Of course, such a reward system may discourage new players because veterans will have more privileges. On the other hand, this may be a new challenge for you that is not found in other similar projects dedicated to the phenomenal “Squid Game”.


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