Ubisoft May Close Inactive User Accounts

Ubisoft May Close Inactive User Accounts

Ubisoft May Close Inactive User Accounts

Social media applications and various platforms may close inactive user accounts from time to time. This is generally valid for accounts that are considered ghost accounts and are abandoned after opening or not used for a long time. Recently, news from Ubisoft revealed that the company will implement a similar practice.

The most striking issue is that Ubisoft will also apply this application to users who have games in their accounts.

Ubisoft Takes Action for Inactive Accounts

The decision made by Ubisoft was revealed after an e-mail was sent. In the post on Twitter , the AntiDRM account stated that it received a warning that it would lose access to its Ubisoft account and games .

The response shared by Ubisoft on the issue caused users to worry. In its statement, the company announced that users’ inactive accounts will be closed.

Users whose accounts are inactive will first receive a warning stating that their accounts have been temporarily suspended. The account will be permanently deleted within 30 days after the warning.

The games included in the accounts that will be permanently deleted will also be deleted. Users who log in to their account within this period will have their account activated again, but if they do not log in to the account again for 30 days, the account will be completely deleted along with the games.

The fact that the accounts will be permanently deleted naturally caused criticism of Ubisoft. We will see if there will be any step back in practice. For now, it seems like there is no way to step back. We will wait for new statements.

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