Ubisoft’s New Game Project Q is Coming!

Ubisoft's New Game Project Q is Coming!

Ubisoft’s New Game Project Q is Coming!

It was leaked by authoritative names in the gaming world that Ubisoft was working on a new multiplayer game. It was said that an ambitious Battle Royale game was expected. As the allegations increased, some explanations came for the new game. Following the leaks, Ubisoft announced that they were working on a new project called Project Q.

However, information has also come that will completely change the expectations for this new project. We learned that the leaks, especially about the genre of the game, were not true. Don’t expect a new game in the Battle Royale genre.

Work Has Just Begun for Project Q

The company published an image for the game and stated that the genre of the game will not be Battle Royale . Instead, it was said that an entertainment-oriented game that will attract attention with PvP modes will come.

The sentence “A fun-oriented game” means a lot. We can also see a completely different play, a production that interprets recently popular productions in a different way. It’s too early to talk about these because there is only one visual for the game.

Apart from the visuals, not much technical information was given about the game. There is a reason for this too. Because the game is still in development.

We may see more changes until the game is released There is currently no information about when it will be released. There’s only one thing: Ubisoft announced that they will conduct tests for Project Q.

There will be tests that players will participate in to detect bugs in the game. The company wanted players to show interest in these tests. Let’s see when the first testing process comes, we will get more information for Project Q. Until then, we will make do with the shared image.

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