Understanding Environmental Damage In Starfield

Understanding Environmental Damage In Starfield

Environmental Damage in Starfield is something that can hinder your progress if you don’t know what you can do to resist it.


3. Corrosive

Similar to the harm caused by airborne conditions, Corrosive damage is another form of environmental detriment that can have a profound impact on your well-being. What sets Corrosive damage apart is its lethal combination of environmental factors and passive consequences.

Furthermore, exposure to Corrosive damage can occur through interaction with the local plant and animal life on a particular planet. As a result, your health points (HP) in Starfield begin to rapidly deteriorate.

4. Radiation

Radioactive items can cause damage if you are within a radioactive radius of a particular area in Starfield. However, this time around, this environmental damage will target your max HP, and you will also lose a significant chunk of that.

How to increase Environmental Damage Resistance

You can increase Environmental Damage Resistance using these three ways:

Use resistant Armor and Gear

You can avoid Environmental Damage by increasing the resistance factor against these in your spacesuit. You can use different armor and gear options to increase radiation and Cold Resistance in Starfield.

Additionally, be sure to monitor your HUD in Starfield, as it will highlight the zones where you are susceptible to damage. Prior to approaching these designated areas, make sure to equip the appropriate gear.

Moreover, you have several choices of spacesuits at your disposal to enhance your resistance against environmental damage:

  • Mercenary Spacesuit (against Airborne and Corrosive Damage)
  • Explorer Spacesuit (against Airborne and Radiation Damage)
  • Navigator Spacesuit (against Thermal and Corrosive Damage)
  • Constellation Spacesuit (against Thermal, Corrosive, and Radiation  Damage)


Crafting Projects in Research Lab

If you’re seeking an alternative method to boost your environmental resistance, head over to the Research Laboratory section within Starfield. In this area, you’ll discover various projects available for crafting.

By utilizing the necessary resources, you can craft research projects related to fields like Pharmacology. These projects will grant you temporary resistance to environmental threats.

Rank up Skill

To Increase Environmental Damage Resistance, you can work on upgrading your skills. One of these, in particular, will be the Environmental Conditioning (skill) in Starfield.

This skill is considered a second-tier physical skill. By leveling it up, you will increase your resistance against certain damage types, including Environmental Damage.


How to recover from Environmental Damage in Starfield

Understanding Environmental Damage In Starfield

Healing from Environmental Damage might prove challenging initially, as you’ll encounter this aspect early in your main playthrough. When you journey to the planet Mars, you’ll witness the impact of its atmosphere on your health points (HP).

Furthermore, a portion of your HP will be highlighted in orange, indicating the Environmental Damage inflicted in Starfield. It’s worth noting that using medicine or resting will not alleviate this form of damage. The sole method of recovery is by entering a confined space, where the planet’s atmosphere cannot affect you – making indoor locations the optimal choice.

Upon reaching such an area, you’ll observe that the orange segment on your health bar disappears. Subsequently, you can restore your health from environmental damage to its maximum by either consuming nourishment or resting.


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