Understanding The Lie System In Lies of P

Understanding The Lie System In Lies of P

Lying is not just a gimmick in Lies of P and the lie system actually plays a huge part in how your story ends.

How does the Lies of P lie system work?

Your initial encounter with the lying mechanic in “Lies of P” transpires when you attempt to gain entry to Hotel Krat. Sophia advises you to consider lying, yet the decision ultimately rests with you regarding whether you opt for deception or choose to truthfully disclose your identity.

For those unacquainted with Pinocchio’s tale or perhaps harboring vague recollections of a childhood story, Pinocchio was a wooden puppet imbued with life by a fairy. Whenever Pinocchio resorted to falsehoods, his nose extended conspicuously. Consequently, Pinocchio was incapable of overt dishonesty.

In “Lies of P,” a narrative drawn from the same Pinocchio narrative, lying is something that, in theory, your character, Pinocchio, shouldn’t be able to do openly due to certain laws “coded” into puppets. The game subtly suggests that the distinguishing trait between humans and puppets is humans’ capacity for deception.

This inherent lack of truthfulness poses an enigma since, as a puppet in the game, your character shouldn’t possess this ability. However, your creator, Geppetto, somehow endowed you with the capability to lie at will, symbolizing a subtle allusion to your character’s proximity to becoming a bona fide human.

Beyond this profound insight and thematic message, the lie system in “Lies of P” also empowers you to shape distinct endings for the game. Lying grants you the choice between the game’s good and bad endings. The more lies you weave, the closer you edge toward the semblance of a human. Opting for deceit at every juncture leads to the game’s good ending, whereas upholding honesty and truth, like a virtuous puppet, results in the bad ending for “Lies of P.”


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