Valorant VP Prices Increased! How are the new prices?

Valorant VP Prices Increased! How are the new prices?

Valorant VP Prices Increased! How are the new prices?

We witness that the prices of Premium services in Türkiye change from time to time. Especially recently, this has become a much more common situation. We can say that the change in exchange rates was also reflected in Premium subscriptions. It seems that price changes do not only occur in Premium services. Gradually, we started to see that prices in digital games started to change. The last example came from the Valorant front. Valorant VP prices have increased.

In fact, it is not right to call this a direct price increase. Instead of changing the prices directly, Riot Games has made an adjustment to the VP amounts. Let’s take a closer look at the change in quantities and prices after the update.

Valorant VP Prices and New Amounts After Update

As we mentioned above, there is no change in the price range. Again, the lowest package appears to be 17 TL. The highest package is 700 TL . However, there is now a decrease in the amount of VP included in the packages. I’ll be adding a table below to explain this better.

As you can see, although the package prices are the same, there is a significant change in terms of quantity. We should also note that this change in VP price will be valid after April 25.

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