Valorant’s New Map Lotus Announced

Valorant's New Map Lotus Announced

Valorant’s New Map Lotus Announced

After a week of teasers and cinematic videos, Riot Games finally announced Valorant’s ninth map, Lotus .

Lotus will be added to the game when the Valorant 6.0 patch is released on January 10, 2023.

The new map takes place in western India. A lost city brimming with Indian elements with rock architecture. The map design team said that they wanted players to experience an “Indiana Jones” feeling while playing on the fantasy and mystical themed map.

Lotus Will Consist of Three Spike Zones

For the first time in the Valorant map, game developers say that there will be elements such as revolving doors, destructible doors or walls. To further challenge players , Lotus will have three spike zones in total.

“We wanted to explore the theme of grand adventure, mysteries lost over time, and a lost ancient structure,” said Yam, one of Valorant ‘s lead designers. Subsequently, Lotus’ creativity and map design meant that Valorant fans would want to explore every corner of the map.

Personally, I think it will be a nice map with its theme and three spike zones. In addition, as I mentioned above, the rotating doors and the breakable wall that allows passage between areas A and B will attract the attention of most Valorant players. But as you know, unfortunately, the fact that a map is played and loved a lot does not depend on its theme or the presence of different mechanics in this style. Players need to embrace the map and there needs to be a fair map layout for both teams. Still, it’s nice to have new mechanics and differences 🙂

Promotional Video of New Map Lotus

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