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What are Lead Guards in Payday 3? How to deal with them

What are Lead Guards in Payday 3? How to deal with them

Payday 3 is a game that rewards skill, patience, and card knowledge. An experienced robber knows where the guards are patrolling and when and when to destroy them to complete the perfect job. It seems the developers want to shake things up by introducing Lead Guards. These enemies are absolute nightmares, so let me explain what Lead Guards are in Payday 3 and how to deal with them.


What are Lead Guards in Payday 3? How to deal with them

The good news is that Lead Guards only appear during   certain heists on Overkill difficulty  . You’ll always know to expect them because they’re listed as threats on the heist select screen.

Lead guards are intimidating because while you can kill them, if you do you’ll miss any chance of a stealth heist.


If you defeat the lead guard, you will have to respond to his radio as usual. The catch is that they will be greeted approximately every 30 seconds after you have done so. Since you have limited reactions, the heist is guaranteed to get loud about 2 minutes after killing the lead guard.

How should I deal with the lead security guard?

Here’s what’s interesting: you don’t do it! Lead guards are a nuisance that cannot be overcome with weapons. The best way to deal with them is to avoid them at all costs. If you’re on a team, it’s important that the lead guard is marked as often as possible to prevent him from sneaking up on your friends. To highlight guards and cameras, simply hover over them (the default key is “Mouse Wheel In”).

Do the lead guards do anything else?

You’ll notice that the guards in Payday 3 have predictable patrol routes. While   this is technically true for frontline guards, they have a much larger patrol area. For example, the lead guard might roam multiple floors during the No Rest for the Wicked heist. Many of your favorite places to hide bodies can be discovered by the lead guard while on patrol. The lead guards make every mission difficult by their mere existence and are a brutal addition to Payday 3.


Is it difficult to kill a lead guard?

If you choose to be loud, you can take out the front guard just like any other poorly armored enemy. These enemies exist as a powerful stealth deterrent. If you’re planning on storming the place like a bull in a pottery studio, you’ll be fine.

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