What do special projects do at Starfield?

What do special projects do at Starfield?

There are so many systems in Starfield  that some of the higher-level skills in the game, such as Special Projects, can be confusing. What exactly does the Special Projects skill do? After all, you can unlock the first rank of this skill and still not see new projects appear when you go to the research station. Here’s what you need to know about these skills.


How does the Special Projects skill work in  Starfield  ?

Special Projects is a Rank 4 Master skill in the  Starfield Science category  . First of all, to unlock this skill, it takes a lot of time to level up and rank the skills. The whole point of the skills is that they unlock special projects that players can research and create in the game, but they don’t give a clear indication of what exactly those skills are.

To make matters worse, you may go through all the trouble to unlock various science skills to gain access to that skill and rank up, but find nothing when you head to the nearest research station. This is because the Special Projects skill requires some prerequisites. You need to unlock various projects that use this skill before you see its true purpose.


For example, if you are focusing on weapon modifications and researching this section, you will need to progress in your research until you reach higher level options. These options will not only require understandable skills such as weapons engineering, but may also require you to unlock special projects.

Special projects on their own won’t do much without a ton of in-game research experience, be it spacesuit designs, boosters, crafting materials, and the like. I highly recommend finding the area of ​​study you want to specialize in before unlocking Special Projects, and then getting it once you reach the high level content that requires it. Then, when you go to the industrial workbench, you will be able to create rare, exotic and unique crafting materials.

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