What does KWTD mean in Destiny 2?

What does KWTD mean in Destiny 2?

Whether you like it or not, it’s a simple statement of fact:  Bungie’s Destiny 2  is one of the most popular and successful service game games running today. Officially starting life in the mid-2010s, the  Destiny franchise  has slowly but surely developed its own unique culture. Whether it’s how the developer interacts with its player base or the communication between the players themselves, there are some unique things worth learning here, and knowing what each of the many acronyms like KWTD means is an important part of this whole shtick.


So, if you’re browsing the official  Destiny 2  LFG system with absolutely no idea what KWTD means, you’ve come to the right place.

KWTD Destiny 2: what is it?

Simply put, “KWTD” means “know what to do.” This applies to Destiny in particular, but also to many other games that have some semblance of mechanical complexity in their core gameplay. The prevalence of this acronym can be attributed to Destiny 2’s raid content   , broadly speaking, as players often need to be able to do more than just run and gun.


For example, Destiny raid boss encounters  can be downright impossible without everyone contributing to some degree. Ignoring the mechanics needed to keep a fight going can lead to huge frustration for everyone involved, and it’s not uncommon for even the simplest raids to turn into hours-long ordeals if players don’t adhere to the KWTD.

Why is KWTD so important?

Destiny 2 players  are sometimes eager to get newcomers into the game’s toughest content, teaching them mechanics and tactics for specific raids along the way. This is clearly  not  the case if they are looking for full fireteam players who are KWTD.

Seeing “KWTD” in a game search post means that the team is hoping to master the content quickly and perhaps effortlessly, and that they have no intention of engaging with newcomers at this time. Newbies can use the KWTD tag as a quick way to filter out fireteams that aren’t interested in mentoring them and instead look for other matches that are more beginner-friendly.


This may seem a little elitist at first glance, but in fact, in most cases it is simply a measure to save time and effort. First of all, it’s obviously important to know what “KWTD” means, as you don’t want to be the only person wandering off into the distance looking for the third secret chest in Crota’s Land in the middle of a key encounter. .

What do you think about KWTD?

Getting to the point where you know what to do is no easy task considering how much content there is in  Destiny 2  these days. The fastest way to start catching up is to join a clan or find a LFG post that will help you get through a specific raid or dungeon.

Reading and watching guides is obviously a good idea early on, but the best way to know what to do with  Destiny 2’s endgame content  is to try it out in a safe and reassuring context. Naturally, finding a fireteam willing to help you on board is no easy task, but it’s hardly impossible, so we recommend checking out the  Destiny  Discord communities and the official LFG system to get started. There are many clans that cater to newcomers, and it’s only a matter of time before one of them recruits you.


Bungie also announced that  Destiny 2  will receive an in-game LFG system at some point before The Final Shape’s February 2024 release. There are rumors that she may appear in season 23, but official confirmation is still awaited.


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