What does Medic Cameraman do in Toilet Tower Defense?

What does Medic Cameraman do in Toilet Tower Defense?

Toilet Tower Defense, as the name suggests, is a tower defense game in which players must use various units collected in the game to defend their base and defeat waves of enemy toilets (much like the concept of Roblox, doesn’t it ?). As expected, some of these units are rarer than others; in most cases, the rarer the unit, the better it performs. This certainly applies to the Medic Cameraman block, which has only a 4% chance of appearing in the Main Box. To learn more about this unit, including what it does, continue reading the quick guide below. Also check out the codes for Toilet Tower Defense .

How to get a Medic Operator in Toilet Tower Defense

As mentioned above, the probability of a Cameran Medic appearing in the Main Box, which is located in the summoning area and can be purchased for 100 coins , is only 4%. New units are added to this box every hour, so keep an eye on it regularly!

What does Medic Cameraman do in Toilet Tower Defense?

Unlike other units in the Toilet Tower Defense game, Medic Cameraman is not an offensive unit, i.e. it does not and cannot attack toilets. Instead, Medic Cameraman is a defensive unit that restores other units on the map within its area of ​​effect from stun caused by toilets. This unit costs $300 to deploy, and the more it is upgraded, the longer its range and the shorter its downtime.

This concludes the short guide on what a Medic Operator does in Toilet Tower Defense and how to get one. If you want to strengthen your team’s defenses, then this unit can become an important target for hunting!

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