What does the Catalyst do in Timberbourne?

What does the Catalyst do in Timberbourne?

In my day, the giant barrels at  Timberbourne  only held water. For some time they stored all sorts of healthy liquids, such as canola oil and maple syrup. But some of these liquids are mysterious in terms of their uses. Especially, perhaps, Catalyst.


The catalyst is created in the oil refinery, a building accessible only to the Folktail tribe. It was originally added in the second update of the  Timberborn Early Access period  . It is made by combining 2 parts sunflower seeds and 1 part maple syrup. Sunflower seeds are harvested as a crop using Farmhouse. Meanwhile, to get maple syrup, you need to grow maple trees and have a Tupper’s Hut nearby.

After processing, it should be stored in a liquid reservoir. You can distinguish it from other liquids by its purple color.


So what is a catalyst? This is an additional source of fuel for your forest robots, giving them a super powerful boost. It should be noted that this is completely optional. This improves the condition of your forest robots and therefore makes them more productive, but it is not necessary for them to function properly. Likewise, you’ll only need this later in the game when you start using bots. If there are no mechanical beavers nearby, maple syrup and sunflower seeds are the best food options.

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