What is CS2 Jump Throw Code?

What is CS2 Jump Throw Code?

What is CS2 Jump Throw Code?

CS2 has been released as of today and is now available to all players . With the new game, many standards we are used to have changed. Of course, there are many details that beginner CS enthusiasts who were not involved in the game during the beta period are curious about. One of these is the CS2 Jump Throw code.  

There was a method we used for Jump Throw in the now outdated CS:GO game. You could do this with a single code, but this changed in CS2. So what kind of code will we use? Let’s look at the new codes.

CS2 Jump Throw Code and Things to Do

Unlike the CS:GO series, this time you will need to use 3 lines of code. I am adding the codes you will write via the console right below.

  • alias jam “+jump;-jump”
  • alias throw -attack
  • bind *write the key to be assigned* “jamp;throw”

These 3 lines of code you will use will do the job. We will continue to include different changes on our site when we find them compared to the CS:GO series.

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