What is Jettison doing in Starfield? Explained

What is Jettison doing in Starfield? Explained

In the endless space you can find many interesting items and put them in the cargo compartment of your ship. The strange thing is that when players interact with the vault and open the menu, they see a “Discard” button that is not visible in any game interface. So we’ll explain what Jettison does in Starfield . Many people have tried to press the button, but most of them do not understand what happened. So, without further ado, let’s get down to business!

Starfield ejection explained

Well, if you’ve been trying to figure this out on your own by clicking that button many times, we have bad news. Jettison is responsible for disposing of items from the ship , which means he throws them directly into outer space. Thus, you could throw away valuable items, because there are no restrictions on the weight and size of the item, everything you choose will travel in a vacuum. This does not apply to quest items and artifacts that remain with you.

It’s also worth noting that this feature only works on your ship, and you’re unlikely to see a “Discard” button. somewhere else. This way, while in the cargo area, you can sort your items and throw them away to reduce weight if you’re overloaded, or simply throw away unnecessary junk.

This feature will also be useful if you are transporting contraband and are not sure that your shielded cargo modules and jammer will work correctly. You simply throw away contraband in exchange for freedom and avoidance of large fines. If you don’t know what items are included in contraband, here is the entire list:

  • AI Components
  • Drugs from Neon
  • Collected organs
  • Heratic writings
  • Mechanism components
  • Stolen files
  • Xenowarfare Technologies

Can I return my items after throwing them away?

If you’ve thrown away a lot of things and regret it, don’t try to find them in space and don’t hope they land there. one of the planets. Unfortunately, they disappeared forever in space and it is impossible to return them . But don’t worry, there is another way that may not be for everyone. You need to load the last save in which you have not yet thrown away any items. Thus, after rolling back the game, you can get your things and continue your journey.

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