What is the best Timberbourne map?

What is the best Timberbourne map?

Timberborn  comes with quite a few cards. Apart from this, there is also a map editor if none of them suit your taste. I’m going to assume that if you’re starting with  Timberborn  , you won’t have to rush to dive into the editor. So which of the included cards is the best?


It all depends on your preferences.


Plains is the map developer Mechanistry suggests you start with. It’s hard to argue. This is mainly because you start with a large open space for further development. The river does not often change height and all flows into one lake. There is a lot of arable land and the place you start from has a lot of resources for you to start with. You don’t have to get overly creative to create dams that will keep your beavers comfortable even during the longest drought.


The only tricky part of this map is that all the arable land is represented by a couple of narrow strips. While the Plains eliminates the need to stack buildings right from the start, you’ll have to get used to managing crops and other resources in narrow stripes.


On the other hand, my personal choice is Terraces. I like the extra challenge, I like the verticality, and the starting point is pretty neat. It’s located high on the top of a mountain, so the extension is one big descent. In addition, there is a lot of fast-flowing water to generate energy.

I’ll warn you: you really need to be careful with your starting resources. Despite the good harvest of berry bushes, there is not much forest here. You really have to be careful not to overpopulate in the beginning and rush to plant new trees. Resilience is extremely important in the early stages of this map. Once you expand your operations, there are plenty of places on the map that will allow you to flex your engineering muscles.


However, at the end of the day, that’s what you’re looking for on the map. If this is difficult, Thousand Islands may be more your speed. If you want something simple, Waterfalls is pretty simple. If you really want to get creative, Diorama’s extremely limited size will force you to solve problems. Don’t be afraid to experiment. You might just find a new way to play.

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