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What is the maximum level and street credit limit in Cyberpunk 2077?

What is the maximum level and street credit limit in Cyberpunk 2077?

As an RPG, one of the most important core systems  in Cyberpunk 2077  is character leveling. By completing tasks and destroying enemies, you will receive experience to increase levels, as well as a separate “Street Credibility” stat.


The pumping system is quite typical. Each level gives V points that can be spent on improving abilities and unlocking perks. Street Cred is also important, as leveling up will allow you to buy more gear and use more weapons and cyberware. You increase your Street Cred mainly by completing Fixer tasks.

But how do you know when you’ve maxed out your V? Or, in English, what is the maximum level of street cred and beef?


Previously, the maximum level for V was 50, and the maximum Street Cred you could get was also 50. It is still set at this level if you are only using version 2.0 without the Phantom Liberty  expansion  . However, if you do fork out for the expansion, the level cap will increase to 60 and Street Cred will remain at 50.

So to recap,  Cyberpunk 2077’s level cap  is 50 and the Street Cred cap is 50. If you have  Phantom Liberty  , the level cap is 60 and the Street Cred cap is still 50.

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