What kind of game is UFL? When will he come? Here is FIFA’s Rival

What kind of game is UFL? When will he come? Here is FIFA's Rival

What kind of game is UFL? When will he come? Here is FIFA’s Rival

Football games have always been the center of attention. But even though it is known how much attention is paid to this field, the number of tangible productions can be counted on the fingers of one hand. We are seeing this problem more and more especially lately. The most ambitious series is FIFA and it continues on its way, but its closest rival, PES, has undergone huge changes. Frankly, PES has started to fall out of the race. At this very moment, a new rival comes. The UFL game will be a rival to FIFA .

Of course, it is also a new rival for eFootball, which has changed its name and become free. We were naturally excited to see a new member in such an interesting game category. We wanted to share information about the game with you immediately. Then let’s move on to the details.

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What kind of game will the UFL be?

This is not the first time we hear the name of the game developed by Strikerz Inc. The production has been in development for 5-6 years and continues to be developed quietly by constantly adding new things.

But there is another reason why the game is on the agenda these days. And that is that the production has now reached its final stage. We expect the game to be released very soon.

We even now have a gameplay video. So what kind of game will the future be? Let’s make a quick definition with a short saying. “It is the Football, That is the Football” 🙂 🙂

Yes, we are literally talking about a football game. UFL will once again be one of those games where every detail has been considered. Player controls on the field, team management off the field, the atmosphere inside the stadium, everything seems to deliver what we expect from football games. We will also see the Unreal Engine signature in the game.

I say like because right now we only have a video. Technical data about the game in which Ronaldo will appear on the cover has not yet been announced. But as we understand from the gameplay video, an ambitious production is on the way.

Of course, we should not look at it only in terms of game mechanics and graphics. Team licenses and player models are also very important. For a while, PES fell far behind in the FIFA race because it lost its team licenses. It is said that studies on this issue are also being carried out for the UFL game . For now, an agreement has even been reached with Beşiktaş from our country.

We could already see Beşiktaş players and the team’s crest in the video. We will see how much FIFA’s rival has worked in this aspect when the game is released.

When Will UFL Release?

I wish I could say it today. The exact date has not been shared yet. In the video, we only see the phrase 2022. From here we understand that the game will come this year. But we will wait for the date.

This is what we have to say about the new production that rivals the new FIFA, which I expect to come as a free-to-play game. We will also include a gameplay video for the game. But we also follow the technical details that we expect. We will be here once again for the UFL game when it is announced . 🙂

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