What weapons, perks and equipment are unlocked at each level? MW3 Beta Development Guide

What weapons, perks and equipment are unlocked at each level? MW3 Beta Development Guide

If you want to unlock everything in Modern Warfare 3 – all the weapons, gear, perks, killstreaks – then this guide is for you. Since we’re in the first week of the MW3 beta, this list will only go up to level 20. When the second week and full version of MW3 arrives, I will update this article to keep you updated. Let’s get to it.


All MW3 Level Unlocks Explained

Besides the game being fun to play, the whole point of MW3 is to level up and unlock everything. And beyond operators, weapon skins, and other cosmetics, you’ll  unlock everything  in MW3 just by leveling up.

Here’s  the full  MW3 progression list, which includes everything you unlock as you level up:

  • Level 1   – Challenges feature, Demoman outfit, Guardian-SC killstreak.
  • Level 2   – Battle Controller Outfit, Appetite: Sharpen Emblem
  • Level 3   – Rusher Gear
  • Level 4  – Custom equipment, PILA launcher, Infantry Vest perk.
  • Level 5  – “Scavenger Gloves” perk
  • Tier 6  – ACS Field Upgrade, Juggernaut Recon Killstreak.
  • Level 7  – BAS-B combat rifle, “Operation Beta” amulet.
  • Level 8  – Mosquito Drone Killstreak, Deadly Breacher Drone Gear.
  • Level 9  – Tac Mask perk, the calling card of a beta tester.
  • Level 10  – MTZ-762 combat rifle, “Engineer’s Vest” perk, “Mission Control Comlink” perk.
  • Tier 11  – Deadly Battle Rage Gear, MWIII Beta Weapon Decal.
  • Tier 12  – MCW Assault Rifle, Killstreak vs. UAV.
  • Level 13  – Comm Scrambler field upgrade, Bone Conduction Headset perk
  • Level 14  – Sam Turret’s killstreak, RIVAL-9 submachine gun.
  • Level 15  – deadly Semtex equipment, “Stalker Boots” perk.
  • Tier 16  – WSP Stinger Pistol, Tactical Smoke Grenade Loadout, Large Beta Sticker
  • Level 17  – deadly equipment “Thermobaric Grenade”, perk “Tactical Pads”,
  • Level 18  – SVA 545 assault rifle, field modernization of the trophy system.
  • Level 19  – “Team Gloves” perk
  • Level 20  – Gunner Vest perk, Jak Ferocity carbine set, Beta Ripper.

Most of these unlocks  should be familiar  to Call of Duty veterans, with the exception of the new weapons and killstreaks. What’s completely new for everyone is that perks now come in the form of physical gear, which is a huge update in my opinion.

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