When does the MW3 Beta unlock customized player gear?

When does the MW3 Beta unlock customized player gear?

Customizing your loadout is the main focus of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. However, if you are just starting out in MW3, you will find that you can’t customize your loadout just yet. Here’s how to unlock custom downloads in MW3.


How to Unlock Custom Downloads in MW3

The only way to unlock custom gear in MW3 is  to reach level four  . At level four, you’ll unlock custom gear, where you can choose weapons, perks, and more.

The nice thing is that you get killstreaks right away   (though you’ll have to level up to unlock all eight killstreak options) and  access to Operators  . If you pre-order the MW3 Vault Edition, you’ll even be able to equip Price, Ghost, Guardian, or Makarov from the start.


It took me one game of Hardpoint to reach level three in MW3, so on average I’d say it  takes one to two games to reach level four in MW3. In the meantime, you’ll have to use one of five ready-made configurations, which aren’t too bad.

Once you reach level four in MW3, go back to the lobby and go to the weapons section. Here you can  select your own gear  and start creating the best gear in MW3.

But your leveling up has only just begun. To get even more weapons and perks, you need to  keep leveling up  . This is the main draw of MW3, and it’s a lot of fun simply because the game itself is a lot of fun.


In the first week of the MW3 beta, you can only reach level 20. In the second week you can reach level 40. When MW3 is fully released,  the level cap will be 65  , but you can go even higher once you prestige.

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