When will Civilization 7 be released? First Announcement Came

When will Civilization 7 be released? First Announcement Came

When will Civilization 7 be released? First Announcement Came

Civilization, one of the longest-running strategy game series, has not been updated with a new game for a very long time. The latest 6th game of the series has arrived and almost 7 years have passed since the game was released. Naturally, all eyes were now on the production of Civilization 7 . Although Firaxis Games delayed the official announcement for the new game, the expected announcement has finally arrived.

If we look at the statement, the new Civilization game is already on its way. Moreover, these are not the only details included in the announcement. With the new game, news of important mission changes for the series was also given.

Development Process Has Begun for Civilization 7

According to the statement, the development phase for the game has started. Not many details were given about the new game, but it was announced that the development process for the game has officially started.

We should also point out that while a new game was being developed, there were also job changes at higher levels. Ed Beach , whom we know as the director of the previous game, Civilization 6, will appear as the creative director with the new game.

We can say that the biggest change occurred at the top. Steve Martin, who was at the head of the project for many years and also held the position of president of the Fraxis company, resigned from his position. The person who will control the remaining projects of the series and therefore the production of Civilization 7 is Heather Hazen . It is known that Hazen, who was appointed as the president of Fraxis, was previously the chief operating officer of the company.

We will see over time how much the mission changes will affect the new game. Because even though Civilization 7 has been announced, we are still at a very early stage for the game. Naturally, there is not much information about the release date of the game. It’s sure to be a long process. There will probably be much more information for the new strategy game during the year.

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