Where and how to get High Strength Spidroin in Starfield?

Where and how to get High Strength Spidroin in Starfield?

Not all crafting materials in  Starfield  are easy to find. Some appear to be locked by player level, while others are hidden in star systems that are likely too complex for new players. High Strength Spidroin in  Starfield  is one of them, but we know where to find it. Better take something warm with you.


If you’re looking for  a Starfield  High-Tensile Spidroin, you’ll probably need it for some advanced projects. The resource is used to upgrade the level 3 helmet and spacesuit, so it makes sense that crafting such a high level would require a material that is difficult to find. High-strength spidroin is a unique organic resource, which means the best way to find it is to collect it from certain plants. But what plants and where?

Time to conquer the frozen slopes

According to the most educated people on the Internet,  you can harvest high-strength spidroin from a certain plant that can only be found on Linnaeus II in the Linnaeus system  . A star system near Olympus, easily accessible if you are in friendly systems such as Alpha Centauri and Sol. Even though Linnaeus is in the cosmic neighborhood, it looks like lower level players will have a hard time dealing with him.

Where and how to get High Strength Spidroin in Starfield?

Linnaeus is a level 45 star system, but luckily for us we won’t have to go into detail. In fact, the worst thing on the planet is low temperatures. For the most part, I did not encounter any hostile fauna during my search for Spidroin. It was pretty cool though.

To find high-strength spidroin, head to the Mountains or Ice Mountains biome  . You need to find  a plant called Cold Palm  . It is green and looks like a cactus with hanging tendrils. Pressing a key or action button will allow you to collect a resource directly from a plant.

Where and how to get High Strength Spidroin in Starfield?

Where to buy high strength spidroin in Starfield

As far as I can tell, the resource may appear in some stores once you reach level 30. Some stores that may sell it include Jemison Mercantile and UC Exchange in Cydonia. Since these things are so rare, you may have to fly for a while or wait and spend some time. The easiest way is to get it from Linnaeus II. But be sure to check out your favorite store. You never know when it might appear.


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