Where are the legendary enemies in Starfield?

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One of the most confusing parts  of Starfield  is that it notes that there are legendary enemies in the game, but doesn’t explain when you fight one of them. This is quite annoying as you never know if you are fighting a legendary enemy or not. Luckily, there’s an easy way to find them and know when you’re fighting them.


How to Find Legendary Enemies in  Starfield

The best way to ensure the highest chance of finding legendary enemies in  the Starfield  is to increase the difficulty level. You can change this at any time and upgrading it to “Very Hard” or even just “Hard” will greatly improve your chances of finding legendary enemies in the game.

However, here’s what’s interesting about legendary enemies: the game doesn’t explain where you fight them. In general, these are usually important bosses with unique names and lots of health bars. You will see several segmented health bars and you will have to remove the entire health bar before the segment disappears. By defeating all segments, you will defeat the legendary enemy.


Will you see legendary enemies in the  Starfield story?

Although they are mostly random, many quests and factions offer unique legendary enemies as final bosses. For example, I recommend going through the UC Vanguard faction storyline, as it has a couple of legendary enemies that you will have to fight.

The same goes for the main storyline of Constellation, which will take you to places where you can fight some of the most powerful enemies in the game. Legendary enemies are worth finding as they usually drop legendary items and other rare items. If you’re looking to upgrade your arsenal, it’s worth completing all the side missions and factions you encounter to find legendary enemies.

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