Where is Aquila City in Starfield? Location guide

Where is Aquila City in Starfield? Location guide

Aside from quests pointing directly to it, Aquila City is   really hard to find in StarfieldThe only way to know for sure where the city of Aquila is is to memorize it or refer back to this guide often. But don’t worry, I have a trick that will help you never forget where Aquila City is in the Starfield.


How to find the city of Aquila

Starfield boasts many star systems, but this makes it  very easy to get lost  and not remember where specific locations are located. In our case, we are trying to find Aquila City.

Aquila City is located  in the Cheyenne solar system  . Cheyenne is located in the left center part of the galaxy star map. This is northeast of Alpha Centauri, where New Atlantis is located.


The city of Aquila is located  on the planet Aquila,  the second planet from the Sun. Aquila has three moons, but the city of Aquila itself is located on Aquila.

I’m not sure if this was intentional or not, but here’s the best way to remember where Aquila City is:  I remember that Cheyenne is the capital of Wyoming  . And for me, Wyoming is a state filled with cowboys and cowgirls, ranches and a general atmosphere of the Wild West. It’s the exact atmosphere of Aquila City that helps me remember that Aquila City is located in the Cheyenne solar system.

How to get a house in Aquila City

In Aquila City you can buy two residential buildings: The Stretch Apartment or the much nicer Core Manor. Both are sold by the same person, Ngodup Tate. You’ll first find Tate near Core Manor. To find Core Manor, go to the Freestar Collective Consulate, then walk past Lance’s estate and up the stairs, where he will be standing immediately to your left. Talk to him. He’ll sell you the Core Manor for a whopping 78,000 credits, which is quite expensive considering it’s unfurnished.


Luckily, this same person also sells Stretch Condos, which are much more affordable. Located on Stretch, above Sinclair’s Books with a large “For Sale” sign. Tate will sell this apartment for 45,000 credits, which is much more reasonable.

Now that you know how to find Aquila City and make it your home in Starfield, you’ll definitely want to check out the best places to build outpostsCheyenne has some of the best planets and moons  for building outposts for both resource extraction and home building, so be sure to check out our guide.

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