Where to buy ammo in Starfield?

Where to buy ammo in Starfield?

The weapon appears to fall into  the Starfield  like rain. There are ships and outposts teeming with spacemen, filled to the brim with pistols, shotguns, and other pain merchants that you can use or sell. But ammo is a little more difficult to find. And if you need to know where to buy   rarer ammo like the .43 MI Array from Starfield , you may be left wondering.


During my long travels around the universe, I have compiled a list of stores that I know sell ammunition and items that are in great demand. I’ll share it below with a vague promise to keep looking and updating as I go. Everything is categorized by planet, followed by the name and location of the store.

Stores and locations where you can buy ammo in  Starfield


  • Centaurion Arsenal (New Atlantis)
  • Jamison Mercantile (New Atlantis)
  • UC Distribution Center (New Atlantis)
  • UC Surplus (Well, New Atlantis)
  • Apex Electronics (The Well, New Atlantis)
  • Vicente Salinas (Apex Electronics, The Well – need to complete “Parcel for Salinas”)

Volii Alpha

  • Neon Tactical (Neon Core)
  • Arboron (Neon Core, Ryujin Lobby – LZR only)
  • Kore Kinetics (Neon Core, Trade Tower – MI only)
  • “Grab and Go Frankie” (Neon Core, Ebbside)


  • Weapons store
  • The main thing about Zuri

Note  : If you side with the UC after the final Crimson Fleet mission, the Key and its shops will be closed forever.



  • Shepard’s General Store (Aquila City)
  • Rowland Arms (Aquila City)
  • Laredo Firearms (Aquila City)


  • Collecting Clint (Gagarin Landing)


  • Best Defense (City of Hope)

Porrima II

  • General Store (Paradiso)

    Titan  (saturn’s moon)

    • New Homestead Store


    • Jane’s Products (Sidonia)
    • UC Exchange (Sydonia)


    • Sati Chandra (Red Mile, Porrima III)

    You can also find the Trade Office in almost every major city in the gameEach trade office will include ammunition for purchase  .

    Where to buy .43 MI ammo in  Starfield

    If you’ve made good progress in the Crimson Fleet quest chain, chances are you’ve just been awarded a unique weapon, Keelhauler. This legendary weapon hits like a truck fired from a cannon. But it uses .43 MI Array ammo, which is not that easy or cheap. You can find this ammo in most .43 MI cartridges at gun stores such as:

    • Rowland Arms
    • Centaurion Arsenal
    • Neon Tactical
    • Weapon Store (Key)
    • The best protection

But it’s not always that simple. Starfield  likes to keep things a little random, including ammo placement. You’re guaranteed to be able to stock up on ammo in places like New Atlantis and Neon, but the same ammo you buy in one place may not be there the next time. The aforementioned .43 MI Array ammo is a great example. However, there is one place I recommend heading to when you’re running low on supplies.

The best place to buy .43 MI ammo is most likely Kore Kinetics at Neon Core  . To find the store, go to the Trade Tower and enter the elevator on the right. Select the store name from the list of options and you’re done. Kore Kinetics focuses  exclusively  on ballistic weapons using MI ammunition. The last time I visited the store I was able to buy 250 rounds of .43 MI ammo. This doesn’t seem like much, but if you’re familiar with these weapons, it’s almost too much. These things  hit hard  .


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