Where to buy digipics in Starfield

Where to buy digipics in Starfield

Space apparently has everything you need to travel through the populated systems in the StarfieldWeapons, armor, ships, drugs, whatever. What’s notable is that players can obtain and use digital master keys to break into locked containers, lockers, computer systems, and more. The hacking device is readily available to develop the Tech Security skill, which is essential for any space traveler wishing to bypass advanced, expert, and master locks.



Therefore, as we move through Starfield, we will need a large number of digipics. Finding them is something to keep in mind, but where can we buy digipics to keep a decent collection in case we stumble upon some blocked areas? What if we’re desperate for some new gear and resources that we can clearly see beyond the blocked area? Whatever your business, buying digipics is relatively easy if you know where to go and who to talk to in Starfield.

How to Get DigiPics Starfield players can obtain digipics by exploring inhabited systems or by purchasing them from the Miscellaneous section of the vendor in the inventory menu. One digipik is valued at 35 credits, not including any perks or skills specific to your character. Detecting these devices requires a keen eye, while the other option only requires transactions with merchants who operate in major cities, outposts, and star stations.

The Digipik is essentially the only hacking device in Starfield that allows players to bypass locked containers and systems. Its black texture makes it hard to miss unless you’re using a scanner. Your scanner is your best friend in Starfield, as it is capable of detecting objects that could otherwise be easily missed due to shadows, interference, or any other intrusion. It looks almost like a black lightsaber or flashlight that the military uses.

So keep using the scanner during the Starfield robberies. It can pick up the outline of a digipik if it is within your range. It is also possible that fallen NPCs and enemies may carry one or two; steal them if they are still alive unless you want blood on your hands, although there may be a reward for doing so. Just be aware of any stolen items and contraband on your person if you encounter any authorities.

To be on the safe side, visit any seller in the regulated systems who has an item available for business. We say this because not every merchant and kiosk will offer anything for sale.


You can rely on these locations for some Trade Authority kiosks in Starfield if you’re in dire need of a sales route:

  • Aquila City – on the planet Aquila in the Cheyenne system.
  • Cydonia is on the planet Mars in the solar system.
  • The Lair is a star station orbiting Cthonia in the Wolf system.
  • Neon – on the Volia planet Alpha in the Volia system.
  • New Atlantis is on the planet Jamison in the Alpha Centauri system.

The Digipik is located in the Miscellaneous section of your inventory, so it can be easily missed as you begin to get used to managing your equipment and resources. Merchants will only have a limited supply, so it is in your best interest to purchase as many as possible before moving on.

fore moving on.

Where to buy digipics in Starfield

Expert advice

Space and time work rather strangely in Starfield, where the latter can be easily manipulated to help revive a certain store or activity in the game. With that in mind, if you’re buying all of a vendor’s digipikas, wait on a chair or bed somewhere for a 24-hour cycle or so to pass the time. This will update stores’ inventory if it runs low on a certain supply line.

Finding digipics is reminiscent of the mini-game that precedes hacking activity in Starfield. They’re a little difficult to spot (much like the elusive credit sticks that are often scattered around gaming tables, desks, lockers, and some specific containers), which makes using a scanner even more important. Of course, you can always buy digipics from merchants in the Settled Systems, but it all depends on whether you want to spend some credits or not.

Where to buy digipics in Starfield

In the meantime, invest a skill point in the aforementioned security technology Ability to Pick More Complex Locks. Settled systems hold many secrets, the vast majority of which can be revealed with some Starfield hacking skills.



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