Where to find Colander in Starfield

Where to find Colander in Starfield

With so many planets, moons, and locations available to explore in Starfield, you could be forgiven for overlooking a few of them. One possible destination you should spend time exploring is the Colander, but you’ll need to find it first. Here’s our guide telling you where to find the Colander in Starfield.


Starfield – where to find Colander

Colander  is an abandoned ship. Its crew is destroyed, and a powerful entity still occupies the ship. When you decide to board, you should take with you items and equipment that will help you survive in a tough fight. You can find Colander in the Schrödinger system, near Cheyenne and Crix.

To reach the Schrödinger system, travel to Narion from the Sun. From  Narion  you can then head to  Lunar  , then  Nikola  , then  Leviathan  and finally  Schrödinger  . Each of these locations is accessible from the very beginning of the game if you have a decent ship. You may already be able to quickly get straight to Schrödinger.


Once you arrive in the Schrödinger system, find the Colander. It is in orbit near  Schrödinger III  , which lies just above the system’s large blue star. You can select  Colander  as your destination on  the star map  (see screenshot above).

What to do if you find a Colander

Carefully dock the colander and board the vessel. You’ll find that the colander is an Easter egg of sorts, reminiscent of the classic sci-fi film  Alien  . The game makes good reference to other popular media you may have enjoyed.

While exploring the Colander, check the Medical Bay computer for records that can reveal information about the history of the ill-fated crew. There is a bed nearby where you can relax with your companion if you wish. When you’re ready to continue, find the dining area. Along one edge there is  a hatch in the floor  leading to the lower cargo compartment.

Pick the nearby lock and enter the Laboratory if your security skill is at the master level. If you pick the lock, you can go straight to fighting the Intruder. My own skill level was not enough, which meant I had to infiltrate the room through other means.

To enter the Laboratory another way, follow the corridor to the left of the locked front door and reach another Hatch. It leads to the lower area, where you will find  a mainframe  . Gain access to this computer and  open its doors  . Go through the newly opened door and return to the locked Laboratory door. From there, continue to the dining area. You can now go through the hole on its far side and go down the new corridor to fight  Intruder XL-069  .

Fighting the intruder

Before fighting the Intruder, use an item like Heart+, which will improve your damage resistance. Be prepared to use healing items such as  first aid kits  and  trauma packs  . The animal moves quickly. Don’t let him pin you to one of the edges of the room. Try to stay close to the center and move in circles, hitting it with your most powerful throwing weapon. I hope you have a friend who can help you. The offender has a lot of life and is at a high level. I made quick work of this with  the Demoralizing Refined Equinox  , a laser rifle.

After you defeat the Intruder, check the area he was guarding. Along one edge you’ll find a container containing the Legendary  Advanced Navigator Space Helmet with Sensor Chip,  as well as some minor resources and ammo. Then you can leave.

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